What is Venture Cup?

Venture Cup is a common platform for all Danish universities from which we identify and support the entrepreneurs of tomorrow among the students.

We host two national and one international competition annually. We run Scandinavia’s largest mentor program for university students with more than 300 mentors from the business community and a Startup Booster Program, a pre-accelerator program, with products and services to hand-picked startups.

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We are proud to be part of a large family consisting of universities, funds, organizations, and private companies. Our mission is to identify and inspire young entrepreneurs and bring together academia and business. As a sponsor of Venture Cup and supporter of this mission, we can provide network and promotion in a flourishing startup environment.

Being a sponsor at Venture Cup brings us in contact with some of the most innovative new start-ups in Denmark. It is a very rewarding and also fun part of our job.
Jytte Prieem Balle, Awapatent
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Akademikernes Akasse
Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship