About Venture Cup Denmark

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Venture Cup is a common platform for all Danish universities from which we identify and support the entrepreneurs of tomorrow among the students.

We host two national and one international competition annually. We run Scandinavia’s largest mentor program for university students with more than 300 mentors from the business community and a Founder’s Club via which we offer relevant courses to the founders in our network.

Our Mission

To contribute significantly to the promotion of entrepreneurship among students at all Danish universities and at the same time provide support to entrepreneurial students by offering mentors, inspiration and services.

Venture Cup uses its experience, knowledge and network to promote Danish universities and entrepreneurship worldwide. In this way, Venture Cup offers Danish students and universities a benchmarking tool, inspiration and global experience.

Our Strategy

  • Host national and international competitions
  • Provide a Development Program consisting of our Mentor Program and The Founder’s Club
  • Be a primary source of inspiration (educate and convey knowledge) to promote entrepreneurship
  • Partnership and projects across universities, sectors and countries to increase and share knowledge


Universities – Bringing together the academic world and the business community

We are proud to be part of a large family consisting of public universities, funds, organizations and private companies.

As the only organization, Venture Cup cooperates with all eight universities in Denmark to promote entrepreneurship, inspire university students and help eliminate the gap between the academic world and the business community.

The partnerships with the universities are essential in order to reach our goal of achieving and supporting university student startups all over Denmark.



About: AAU’s incubation system is called Inkubator. Inkubator is not a house nor a building, but rather an integrated part of the entire university.

Goal: Inkubator wants to foster the development of the startups by placing them in a stimulating environment. Within this environment, the startups can receive visits from their designated business coach or be invited to relevant events.

Web: Aalborg UniversityIncubator


About: CSE is an incubator where more than 100 startups with students from all over the world do their daily work. CSE contributes in developing skilled young professionals who will add to growth, sustainability and an innovative development in society through their own companies as well as experiences.

Goal: CSE’s most important role is to support the students in becoming business-ready for a society undergoing rapid development and change.

Web: Copenhagen Business SchoolCSE


About: RUCinnovation offers a series of activities to help students develop and realize business ideas. They offer direct access to RUC’s students and scientists.

Goal: RUCinnovation wants to eliminate the gap between the academic world and the business community by offering the right contacts. Whether you need to get in touch with researchers, students, investors, a company, or a mentor.

Web: Roskilde UniversityRUCinnovation


About: DTU Skylab is a cross-disciplinary hub and community for student innovation and entrepreneurship located at the main campus of DTU. Skylab is facilities that support everything from prototyping, social hang-out, lab experiments, CAD drawing, interactive lectures, teamwork, meetings and workshops – and much more.

Goal: DTU Skylab’s goal is to help students bring their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas to life and to enhance cooperation between DTU students, the business world and other external partners.

Web: Technical University of DenmarkDTU Skylab


About: The Student Incubator at Aarhus University is open to all students in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes in Aarhus who would like to work with entrepreneurship with basis in precisely their academic field.

Goal: The  goal is to participate in the establishment of innovative and viable businesses. Generally speaking, we work on strengthening the students’ enterprising behaviour, enabling them to create value to themselves and society.

Web: University of AarhusThe Student Incubator at Aarhus University


About: UCPH Innovation HUB is for all UCPH’s students and the projects and ideas they are working with – regardless of educational background. External students from other universities can also apply for admission, as long as they are part of a team that consists of at least one student from UCPH.

Goal: To facilitate the development of your idea, or integrating entrepreneurship into your studies.

Web: University of Copenhagen – UCPH Innovation HUB


About: IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre is the competence centre for entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. IDEA operates across all campuses and faculties of the university as well as having a solid working relationship with external partners and local businesses.

Goal: Our goals include contributing to the dissemination of knowledge from the university to the surrounding community, provision of knowledge and research to public debate and also the creation of a partnership between the university, the students and the private sector.

Web: University of Southern Denmark –  IDEA Entrepreneurship Centre


About: ITU Innovators is a voluntary student-driven organization that facilitates and supports entrepreneurship among ITU students.

Goal: the goal is to encourage startups and entrepreneurial bottom-up innovation within the ITU peer network through events, meet-ups, development projects and the like.

Web: IT University of DenmarkITU Innovators