Voluntary Ambassador

Venture Cup is looking for people who can encourage today’s idea-makers to become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Let’s shape the future together!

 Venture Cup is a platform for all Danish Universities and higher educations, from which we identify and support the entrepreneurs of tomorrow among the students. We host some of the most recognized business plan competitions – two national and one international competition annually. We also run Scandinavia’s largest mentor program for university startups, with more than 350 mentors covering nearly all industries. Join us on this amazing ride!

Ambassador Profile

The role of a voluntary Venture Cup Ambassador:

  • Reach out to students

  • Co-organize events

  • Coordinate Venture Cup’s activities at your university

The perks of being a Venture Cup Ambassador:

  • Training sessions twice during a semester

  • Valuable experience for your future career

  • Great references for your CV

  • Chance to network with our partners, competing teams, and many more interesting people

  • Experience working in a Danish and multicultural work environment

Ambassador Checklist

  • Do you love entrepreneurship and innovation?

  • Do you love Venture Cup?

  • Do you want to spread the story about the most amazing organization supporting young entrepreneurs in Denmark?

  • Are you always the one creating and planning new adventures in your group of friends?

  • Convincing your friends to do something new seems to be your daily job?

  • Do you like to be social and do you want to enlarge your network?

  • Do you love social media and does social media love you?


  • Why is there an Ambassador Program?
    We created the bring entrepreneurship closer to the students, by showcasing the great possibilities that lie in the Danish entrepreneurship ecosystem. Furthermore, the program offers university students an opportunity for extraordinary work experience within a multicultural and friendly environment.

  • What are the tasks of an Ambassador?
    As an ambassador, you will mainly focus on arranging events/workshops at your university as well as reaching out to students at your university, making presentations.

  • Who will I be working with?
    You will be working closely with Venture Cup’s University Coordinator/Communication Responsible at your university, as well as in close cooperation with other Ambassadors.

  • What is the time commitment?
    We expect Ambassadors to work 3-5 hours weekly. At the same time, we understand that you may be busier during the exam period and not be able to contribute as much in that period.

  • What benefits will you get as an Ambassador?
    It is very important for Venture Cup that you can be satisfied with your work experience. The most unique of what Venture Cup can offer to you are connections to multiple phenomenal companies (www.venturecup.dk/sponsor) and training that will teach you to appear professional, prepared and confident in every situation.

  • How do I apply to become Ambassador?
    The entire application process is online, all information can be found here.

  • When is the deadline for application?
    Applications will be evaluated on an ongoing basis throughout the entire semester, but it is advised to submit an application in the first month of the semester. In that way, we can ensure that we can provide you with both of our extensive training sessions.

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