Djøf (The Association of Danish Lawyers and Economists) is our most recent sponsor who will help us promote entrepreneurship among university students in Denmark. We are very excited about this new member of the Venture Cup family.

We asked Lars Brittain, Head of Events & Networking Activities, at Djøf to elaborate on this new cooperation between Venture Cup and Djøf.

  • Why is Djøf cooperating with Venture Cup? The value of interdisciplinary work and using theory in practice

Djøf cooperates with Venture Cup to create an opportunity for our student members to work across disciplines and use theory in a concrete setting.

As we know, the study progress reform leaves little room for acquiring experience and practical knowledge for students. This cooperation gives our student members an opportunity to work with concrete tools to prepare them for their careers as graduates whether this is as an entrepreneur or in an organization.

We know the job market demands relevant experience and by having the opportunity to work with processes like ideation, lean thinking, and core business models our student members get relevant experience for their future career.

Venture Cup is an expert in this field and we want to provide our members with the best opportunities for strengthening their careers.

Brief description of Djøf: 

Djøf is a union for lawyers as well as business economics and social science graduates and students. We represent over 88,000 members who work at all levels in the private and public sector in Denmark and abroad.

Our student members count about 23,000 of the total member count and are studying a wide range of educations within management, administration, economics, law, communication, HR, and marketing.

No one knows Djøf members and their job market as detailed as Djøf. We can offer the best and most relevant advice to members when they need to look for new jobs, want to change career path or need to develop professional skills. Djøf offers professional events, mentor programs and courses across the country and focus on creating opportunities for our members to meet and contribute to each other’s professional development.

Read more about Djøf here.