“Nobody sets out to be average. Following the same path as everyone else leads you to the same destination”

This is the startup advice that GenieBelt live by and that now seems to pay off. After receiving a €2M investment, the startup is one step closer to achieving their mission of building an European billion € business. 

GenieBelt has built a project management and communication platform to improve efficiency in the way construction teams collaborate and communicate. It is a platform with potential according to the Danish Solar A/S, a leading sourcing and services company operating within the electrical, heating and plumbing, and ventilation technology sectors, who has chosen to invest in GeniBelt.

A lot has happened since we won Venture Cup in 2013. We changed our name from Quick Inspect to GenieBelt. We went from three people based in Copenhagen to 30 people based in Copenhagen, London and Lodz (Poland). We have raised over €3M altogether and was featured in TechCrunch.

We have more than 10,000 users in a B2B market and we are riding the crest of the wave that is technology for the construction industry.

What did it mean for you to win the Venture Cup competition in 2013?

Our project was then called Quick Inspect, a professional site inspection tool targeted construction which worked on an iPad.

Winning Venture Cup at the beginning of 2013 was really cool for us. The most important effect of winning was solidifying the team in truly believing that we had something with real potential.

Not being cocky (well maybe a little), but we were not surprised to win since we knew we had an awesome product and we had drilled our pitch so much that we could recite it in our sleep.

Even though we weren’t surprised, we were elated to win.

How has winning helped your startup?

Apart from all the great advice we got from the team and the jury, we also benefited from the money that came in and the network provided. We still talk to some of the jurors today and the money helped invest in what was needed at that time which meant it took us to the next stepping stone on our journey

“Winning Venture Cup took us to the next stepping stone on our journey”

About GeniBelt

GenieBelt was born out of frustration whilst trying to solve the same problems on construction sites time and time again. After working with a crazy amount of construction companies, we’re ready to change the dinosaur ways of the industry.

We want to feel proud of the industry we love whilst constantly shaking things up at the same time. We want to bring modern technologies to construction in a no-nonsense, affordable, simple and easy-to-use way.

We want to build the future of construction.

Any good advice for startups?

Fight the fear

Truth is, that starting your own business is one of the scariest thing in the world for most people. Someone can do banjee or parachute jumping, travel in extreme destinations, but creating a startup is even more scary for a lot of people. There are many reasons for that: money, uncertainty, insecurity and so on. But, if you want to achieve something big, you need to fight the fear. It’s a crucial thing. And step number one in every startup journey.

Solve huge problem

Think big from very beginning and try to solve some massive problem, that will affect millions of people and businesses. Something that will disrupt whole industry and will bring a lot of change. That is a famous Google “Moonshot” – and it works.

But, it’s also ok to start from something easy, small and smart. Nobody is asking for your first startup to become Tesla or Space X.

Execution is everything

Ideas, basically, are nothing. Most people have fantastic ideas and dreams, how to create huge businesses and enterprises. But, it just never comes into reality. What really matters is execution, amount of hours, which you are ready to invest in your future to achieve something.

Have ambitions

In order to build a great product you need to be ambitious. Somehow, you need to be industry dreamers, who set the tone for future. But, same as with ideas, high ambitions without intense work, aren’t worth a lot.

Build the team from very beginning

From the very beginning of every startup journey you need to have team-building in mind. In fact, even with investments and money, it’s not so easy to find the right people to build your product. Therefore, from the very first day at least start thinking about it. From GenieBelt’s experience, it’s a crucial thing to have the right people on early stages of startup.

Don’t f**k up the culture

Maybe, it should be first on the list. Many companies have great product, engineers, ambitions, but absence of company culture can ruin it all. We at GenieBelt try to build it from the very beginning, kind of set of company values, which are universal and understandable. When you look at such companies as Google, Facebook – first thought is – amazing culture. Many CEO’s, who built companies from several dozens to hundreds and thousands of people refer to company culture as key component.

“What really matters is execution and amount of hours that you are ready to invest in your future to achieve something.

Andrii GorokhovskyiMarketing - GenieBelt
Tine Risbæk JensenCommunications Manager - Venture Cup

Read more about GeniBelt here www.genibelt.com