Ida Toftegaard Clausen

National Startup Competition x Vissing Fonden

Venture Cup Denmark is happy to announce that the Vissing Foundation is now a partner of the National Startup Competition 2023. With the focus on new green energy solutions, the Vissing Foundation’s support is a perfect match for the national competition and specifically the green category that includes green

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Hack Your Business Plan with HIT

Startups and industry experts checked in at the eco hotel Guldsmeden Bryggen, enjoyed a light breakfast in the cozy atmosphere before we kicked off the program for the two following days. 10 startups with very diverse backgrounds were lodged at the hotel for two days in March. The startups came

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Network visit to Barcelona with DUEN

Increasing demand for collaboration across universities and a wish for a social and professional network led Venture Cup Denmark to establish the Danish University Entrepreneurship Network (DUEN). With support from the Otto Mønsteds Foundation, this network is invited to Barcelona for a networking trip with a program full of inspiration

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impact NIGHT 2022

Sign up for Impact Community On Friday 25th November 2022, 200+ passionate people came to Venture Cup’s impact NIGHT at Nordatlantens Brygge. It was truly a night full of inspiration and impact with exciting speakers, startups and a room packed with people eager to network. Mads Kjer, CEO and co-founder

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Partnership post – Hempel Foundation

Since 2014, the Hempel Foundation has been one of the main sponsors of Venture Cup Denmark’s projects.  The Hempel Foundation is a commercial foundation dedicated to making a difference. One of the core values of the foundation is to support initiatives that promote talents within entrepreneurship.  Because of this focus

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Meet the World’s Best University Startups 2022

Over the last two weeks, students and startups have come together at the global finals of the University Startup World Cup 2022. Category finals were hosted at the China International Import Expo on November 6th and the final award show at the World Young Scientist Summit on November 12th by

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Meet the winners of National Startup Competition 2022

Photo: Morten Ugelvig Andersen, CEO of Venture Cup, Thomas Bernhard, Business Developer from SDU, Søren Land, Head of Division at SDU RIO, Pascal Gyldenberg, Business Developer from SDU and (in front) Mads Lorentzen founder of humAId On the 21st and 22nd of June Venture Cup Denmark hosted both the category

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USWC category winner: KrillTech

KrillTech: Why the world needs impact startups   “One of the biggest missions for KrillTech is to be able to contribute to eliminating world hunger. How? Through increasing food production, not only in developed countries, but mainly in developing and under-developed countries.” Diego Stone, co-founder and CEO of KrillTech.  

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USWC winner: HiCura Medical

HiCura Medical: A startup working for smarter and safer patient care    “Technology shouldn’t stay in the lab. I think this competition is a great way to highlight some of the technology that comes out of those university labs.” Dr. Cailin Ng   As a result of her own traumatic

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USWC winner: Uman4Uman

Uman4Uman: A startup fighting period poverty in Sierra Leone. Winning the University Startup World Cup (USWC) in 2021 gave Uman4Uman confidence and the last push to move its production back home to Freetown, Sierra Leone.  “We want not only to be a Sierra Leonean based business, but also Sierra Leonean

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An untraditional entrepreneurial mindset

From doctor to PhD to entrepreneur. Mads Terndrup has always dreamt of using his knowledge of orthopedics to make the world a better place, now he is fighting to realize this dream as a doctor, PhD and entrepreneur with his innovative EXO 360 solution.  Since he won a Venture Cup

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Empowerment, friendship and encouragement

Empowerment, friendship and encouragement. Those were the three biggest upsides for 2015 University Startup World Cup winner, Caleb Kumar in the process of building his own company. Factors that also helped the young entrepreneur through the biggest trauma of his life. “The greatest personal ‘up’ of this startup was the boost it

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Tips and tricks for startups and new founders

Tips and tricks for startups and new founders   There are a lot of things to consider when you are building a startup. Here are 8 recommendations for new founders and startups.   Start thinking about problems   What problems does your product or service solve for your customers? Typically,

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From first time founders to successful SaaS solution

In 2016, first time founders Malene Madsen (CEO) and Mikkel Bindesbøl (Head of Sales) developed the people intelligence platform WOBA, a software system designed to measure and improve employee well-being, engagement and retention. But the path of creating and expanding a business was far from aligned and easy.  Malene had

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National Polytechnic
University of Armenia


Andranik Voskanyan, Arthur Hakobyan

We offer autonomously operating robots, which can move in arbitrary shaped water, oil and gas pipelines con- tinuously monitoring and detecting erosion and leakage. Countries lose million tones of water, gas and oil from damaged tubes and sometimes it become dangerous for human life and nature when gas or oil pipeline gets damaged. So our product can find damaged or clogged places on their early stage in practically all kinds of pipe- lines over and underground. With the use of our product the damaged sections of a pipeline can be found faster, more easily, precisely and without digging the ground.

This means that maintenance and replacement of pipe- lines will be safer and much more cheaper. Our product is a robot which can move through the pipelines and investigate it with pressure, ultrasonic, flow sensors and camera which can shoot up to 4k video and save it in his memory card or sent it to connected devic- es. This robots autonomously move in arbitrary shaped water, oil and gas pipelines with diameters ranging from 10 cm up to 300 cm.

Reykjavik University


Ragnheiður Lilja Guðmundsdóttir, Safa Jemai

Our company is a disease management solution. Our software gathers together all the most important information about your health like meds, nutrition, exercise, symptoms, vitals and sleep and analyses it to give you a clear picture of how your health is at any given moment.

Our main focus to start with is on patients with thyroid problems and other autoimmune diseases, but we plan to add on and expand so we can service people with all kinds of chronic illnesses. Having to live with a chronic illness is time consuming, costly and frankly, exhausting. We want to make peoples lives easier with one platform

where you gather all the data you need to keep track of to manage your condition. So the next time you see your doctor you’ll have a much set of data to show him about your progress the past few months, and eventually with integration into the healthcare system the doctor will be able to access all the information himself before your appointment and therefore make a much better diagnosis and decision regarding your treatment.

With integration you will also be able to access your own test results, schedule appointments, prescriptions and better communication with your doctor.​