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Startup Booster

The Startup Booster is a 10-week pre-accelerator program offered twice a year to the most promising startups from our competitions and programs. It’s a mentor-driven development program built on structured seminars and camps and a package of free services and products providing all the necessary knowledge and skills to establish a startup.

What does the program offer?

What makes the Startup Booster program special is that we don’t take any equity or money – we only demand dedication and motivation

The program is structured around three main camps held in Copenhagen:

  • Revise ‘n’ Reinforce

  • Pitch ‘n’ Promote

  • Boost ‘n’ Bridge

In addition to a year in our Mentor Program and a Venture Cup Mentor, each team will be awarded a package of services and products worth more than DKK 200,000. Services range from IT to accounting, marketing to legal services, human resource tools to patent protection and much more.


Awapatent has chosen to be a part of the Booster Pack because it gives us the opportunity to help promising start-ups to develop and to follow them on their journey to become promising businesses.
Jytte Prieem Balle, Awapatent

At Dansk Erhverv, we work hard to support the Danish entrepreneurs THROUGH counselling and public affairs. We cooperate with Venture Cup to help Danish startups to achieve success.

Sigurd Schou Madsen, Dansk Erhverv
Coaching the best startups is what we do best. That’s why we support Venture Cup’s Startup Booster programme.
Thomas Einfeldt, ETEQ Venture ApS
We are involved in Venturecup because it offers a great opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs and get inspired by all the innovations.
Kim Thurmann, Eventive ApS
At we love helping startups to become successful in building their digital products. That is why we want to make it as easy as possible to get started building stuff without having to worry about boring infrastructure.
Dennis Kayser,
Graduateland is a Venture Cup alumnus. We wish to help future entrepreneur succeeding with their ventures by helping them find the relevant talent, either locally or internationally.
Patrick Lund, Graduateland
In Komfo we live and breathe the spirit of entrepreneurship and it’s therefore a pleasure for us to pay back and help the entrepreneurial community in the same way the community helped us when we were just starting out 8 years ago. By providing you with a free license to Komfo’s social media marketing suite, we enable your startup to measure the true business value of your social media marketing activities, scale up that value and save time and money in the process.
Michael Andreas Hansen, Komfo

I have a strong sympathie of small/medium companies and also for Microsoft why I have decided to continue my life with these two areas.

Anette Nørgaard, Microsoft

Legalities are only one of many considerations for a startup, however, the importance and value of good legal advice should not be underestimated. Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen wants to help startups getting the legal matters right from the beginning of their life cycle so that they can focus on the key issue: running a business.

Mattias Vilhelm Warnøe Nielsen, MWB law
Let us help you tell the story of your company.
Katrine Barslev, Mynewsdesk

We at Podio have been a startup ourselves only five years ago. We built Podio to give ourselves and other businesses the ability to structure their work in the best way possible, to give them the greatest shot at growth and success. To give back to other startups and help them become the success they are committed to achieving, we are happy to offer all Venture Cup startups Podio so their team can work better together in order to help get there.

Isis Hassan, Podio
Here at Wiredelta, we choose to be part of the Startup Booster to help promising startups to set the core stone of their online presence by granting them with a great website and professional advice related to how get a reputable online presence offered by our Marketing Department.
Mark Dencker, Wiredelta
Once being a start-up ourselves, we wish to help new entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes involved in being a start-up to best facilitate and consolidate the processes involved in the creation of new businesses.
Johan Christopher Mortensen, Woumedia

I have a strong sympathie of small/medium companies and also for Microsoft why I have decided to continue my life with these two areas.

Anette Nørgaard, Microsoft



The Mentor Program

Venture Cup’s Mentor Program is the largest network of volunteer mentors in Scandinavia for university students. The mentors are prominent entrepreneurs and experienced profiles from the public and private sector.

The mentors support and encourage promising university startups through guidance and networking. As a Startup Booster team, you’ll have the opportunity to receive a mentor and much more.

What are the requirements to apply?

All teams must have at least one person who is connected to a Danish university at the time of submission. Either as a:

  • a student
  • faculty member
  • recent graduate (within the last calendar year)

Participating in one of our competitions or our Mentor Program will give you an advantage as we reserve spots in the Startup Booster Program for some of our alumni.


What is the selection process like?

The Startup Booster admits 15 teams to the program each year


Fill out an Application

The application link can be found on the website. Deadline will be announced through our social media, newsletter and website.

Choosing the Top 30

The top 30 applicants will be invited for interviews


After the interviews the 15 best teams will be selected for the program


The startups booster program launches twice a year!


Why should I apply?

The program provides relevant knowledge and skills to make a startup ready for early product launch, to join an accelerator, or to find initial investment!

The teams have the opportunity to network with the sponsors and each other at our various workshops to further help them succeed.



Read more about the Startup Booster teams below:


Drivi is digitalizing the driving school industry. They are creating a broad administrative software system, with tools that will cut the time driving schools spent on administration, and make the students able to have a complete overview of their bookings and general progress.

Time Treasure

Time Treasure is allowing their customers to capture a moment, whether in a photograph or a video and send it to their loved ones in the future. Their platform is an app using an online cloud  as storage system which then notifies the customers chosen recipients that a new moment is ready to be viewed.

Fritid IVS

Fritid IVS’s goal is to make their users discover leisure and connect friends, through the digital platform they provide. By letting the users determine what tags they want to follow, Fritid IVS tailors a live updating page making the users able to stay in the loop with what interests them.


Provestor’s idea is to crowdfund investments in Danish property development projects. T. This allows the investors to diversify their investment, enter a profitable industry which would otherwise be difficult due to high preliminary-expenses.

Art Stream

ArtStream is a digital art distribution platform designed for public Danish hospitals, which functions on a monthly subscription basis. It aims is to enhance and speed up patients’ healing process by offer patients maximum customizability of their room in order to make it as familiar and soothing as possible.


MYMAG is a self-publishing platform for magazine writers and niche publishers, which gives the readers the ability to aggregate premium feature articles from their own personal editorial team, and access them on a frictionless pay-­per-­article basis.


BiPs is creating a platform for primarily new or small businesses in need of a supplier. BiPS’s goal is to create a platform that is centered around the buyer, heightening the level of transparency and making it easier for buyers to connect with suppliers able to produce their products.  


LapLens is a nanostructured superhydrophilic laparoscope lens for laparoscopy. During a laparoscopic surgery, a common complication foggin of the of the camera. Because of the superhydrophilic surface of the lens, LapLens will not fog and will, therefore, eliminate this problem.


Is a personal automated greenhouse, built and run on an IoT platform allowing local  and remote monitoring and controlling. The progress is shareable on grow spaces social network where users are able to connect and share with other users and communities.


Opture is a mobile-based, professional networking application designed for a new generation of young professionals. Opture is distinguished by the ability to create ephemeral, professional updates to a closed network of trusted connections, encouraging productive, private and value-adding conversations and introductions.


Is an innovative solution that improves the traditional methods of artificial insemination, by allowing women and their partner to perform the insemination safely and comfortably. The product will be added to the future to improve their actual insemination kit which at the moment just consists of an uncomfortable syringe.


Bunkii is an online platform for prospective exchange students from Northern Europe to enhance their upcoming semester by finding and booking a place to live. The platform will help the student finding the perfect roommate. The platform will bring transparency to the marked compared to other platforms used today.


Sweepd is a social platform made for sharing experiences. The platform is in the format of an app and it’s goal is to develop new friendships through shared interests and strengthen for old friendships through new challenges.

OBi plus

OBi plus solves the problem of keeping vehicles up-to-date by offering a way extend the car hardware capabilities and enable cloud-based services. By doing this OBi plus is making it possible to update the software of a given car and enabling it to connect with other personal devices.


Trucker is an app-based solution that matches the need for cheap transportation with the unused resources in the in the truck transportation industry. Trucker aims to create value on multiple levels, for the users, individual transportation companies, the industries a whole, the society and the environment. is a platform that helps international people to find their future flatmate based on their personality. They are the only platform what offers a solution where future flatmates can search for each other on those criteria. The housing part is just a supplementary feature on the website.


Creathio (AAU)
A matchmaking and collaboration platform that connects specialized students that need to work on their university projects with companies that have problems within the same field, or simply want to improve an area of business. (KU)
Provides high-quality cloud-based grammar and spell checking for the Danish language featured among others, in applications that are not shipped with built-in spellchecking.

Localgag (DTU/CBS)
Puts location-based content at the heart of the networking experience and is the first online network to serve users entertaining photos and stories based on their location. By using the GPS position of the user, Localgag quickly finds the most popular stories nearby and allows its users to stay up-to-date with the people around them.

ServicePrice (AU)
Their ambition is to create an internet-based brand (, which connects the service industry and private consumers in Denmark. ServicePrice will be the leading online intermediary and online marketing specialist of B2C services.

Snowminds ApS (CBS)
Provides Danish people with an opportunity to pursue the dream as a ski instructor around the globe. Their mission is to provide their ski instructors with security, spirit of community and life-long experiences.

The Yogurt Shop (CBS)
Located in central Copenhagen and offers fresh yogurt with homemade berry purées. After a very successful year it is time to expand!

Roots Food (CBS)
Provides the best nutritional super food solution to the developed market through a sustainable practice, creating livelihood and nutrition to poor farmers in the Philippines.

Airtenna (DTU)
Designs hardware for wireless internet in rural areas in developing countries. Airtenna provides a low cost, simple, and reliable connection through TV broadband, which outperforms existing solutions on a number of critical characteristics that are favorable in rural areas.

Foodmapp (RUC)
An app to help any cook navigate in the complex world of food intolerances. It educates people about special dietary needs and automatizes ingredients replacement.

Velocator (CBS/DTU)
Cheap tracking device and bicycle light, powered by induction, creating and communicating through a “mesh network”. By using mesh networking technology, the Velocator will allow for both fast real time tracking and communication – for free.

The Oktoberfist (DTU)
A leather beer-drinking glove in the style of Bavarian lederhosen engineered to support the wrist against the weight of the beer glass as well as including a pocket for valuables.

ProCo-optics (DTU)
Will manufacture and sell advanced “self-cleaning”, high temperature and corrosion resistant infrared windows. Our windows enable the development of revolutionary sensor systems, e.g. for gas analysis in harsh environments.

SponsorBase (CBS)
Is developing an online marketplace for sponsorships, helping the right sponsors and sponsees find each other.

Debito (AAU)
An online platform for easy debt collection and debtor management, which eliminates the hassle of managing unsettled claims from clients. The customer will easily create a new claim in Debito, which will be sent to an external partner for further processing. The customer will then be able to follow the status of the claim through a simple interface.

Cook With a Local (KU)
A digital platform where people can sign up to host food and beverage related classes for both tourists and locals, or to be a guest at one themselves. Their mission is to connect the world through cooking classes.

LevelUP (AAU)
An easy and affordable tool to collect statistical information about football players and prepare instant reports.

aWare ApS (AU/DTU)
Has developed an app to scan the barcode of consumer products to identify hazardous ingredients in consumer products.

A business-to-business biotechnology company that provides a novel approach to drug discovery and delivers natural small molecules, targeting viral diseases, to the pharmaceutical industry.

Cope it ApS (AU)
40% of dental patients suffer from dental fear resulting in significant economic consequences for the clinic. Cope it is an effective and user friendly solution for identifying and supporting patients with dental fear.

BluSense Diagnostics (DTU)
Has developed a low-cost, user-friendly and cloud-connected device for diabetes type II monitoring, whose detection principle is based on BluSense proprietary technology. With novel bio-detection technique combined with mass-production-compatible hardware, BluSense aims at distributing an affordable, easy-to-use and scalable diagnostics tool in developing and developed countries.

Ship Pyrolysis (DTU)
Uses a patented process to turn sewage sludge into environmentally friendly, cheap bio-oil, to be used as fuel for the shipping industry. This market is under increasing regulatory pressure to find “greener” alternatives for traditional bunker fuel, and simultaneously is facing problems regarding increasing oil prices. Combining this, Ship Pyrolysis sees a big potential market by being capable of providing cheap and green oil.

Novel Gas Turbine (DTU)
A revolutionizing new gas turbine concept, which can accommodate today’s power grids, increasing energy fluctuations caused by increased energy production from wind and solar sources. A flexible gas turbine concept that can run in two operation modes enabling both a fast response energy production as well as a high efficiency energy production.

Tycho Bio (CBS/DTU)
Manufactures high-value biological compounds that are used in numerous products such as medicine, artificial sweeteners, perfumes etc. They produce these compounds in moss, which is cheaper, safer and more environmentally friendly than conventional production methods. Tycho Bio makes chemicals with a green conscience.

GroupRoom (DTU)
Makes it simple for students to collaborate in groups and projects. Today, students use many different tools when they work together that are rather inefficient. GroupRoom eliminates this hazzle by offering a single collaboration platform which brings together all the relevant material. The simplicity of the platform is the reason why more than 2.000 projects were created during the last 3 months! Try out their platform today.

DiscoverCity (AU)
A simple, interactive and personal place for students and young people like you. Whether you are a visitor or a local, DiscoverCity will help you find all the necessary information and unexplored places in your city. DiscoverCity invites users to co-create the environment around them by letting them share their discoveries with friends. Together, we are helping small independent businesses to access the right marketing channels to reach students and guarantee them exposure.

People & Society
Offers maternity leave activities of high professional quality for parents and babies across Scandinavia.

Life Science & Medtech
Offers a drug free, fast acting and efficient treatment of seizures, hyperventilation and migraine through the use of a novel, lightweight, medical mask.

People & Society
An urban mobility start-up exporting Copenhagen biking standard to cities around the world.

Life Science & Medtech
Has developed a simple and unique coating that eliminates adhesion on biomedical surfaces, making your hospital visits less damaging/uncomfortable/dangerous.

Brain Wave Technology
Life Science & Medtech
Makes a brain-scanning device that detects absence seizures and mitigates them using a feedback mechanism.

3D Techlab
Life Science & Medtech
Produces a new tracking device to monitor the body during exercise to minimize the risk of injuries

People & Society
Optimizes employee schedules and supply a schedule catalogue satisfying your requirements and meeting your preferences. This allows your company to save time on planning and to save money spent on employee salaries.

Cleantech & Environment
Manufactures and distributes clean, renewable and reliable fuel pellets to households in developing countries for their cooking and heating energy needs.

People & Society
Empowers the voice of the people for those who are not voiced by the mass media and who want to discuss social issues.

People & Society
Has created an open-source collaboration platform for people to explore and create easily replicable solutions for issues such as access to clean water, sustainable energy and sustainable farming.

Cleantech & Environment
Easily solves the waste management at events by giving events a disposable trash bin and advertisers a place to share their message.

People & Society
Provides corporate training for companies and workers with activities in Brazil

People & Society
A P2P lending platform that allow small businesses to finance themselves cheaper and easier.

Mobile & Web
An online platform that provides subscription services across multiple product categories targeting households and businesses. It allows users to monitor and control multiple subscriptions easily and conveniently in one place.

Life Science & Medtech
Makes the laser technology of the future: 1/8th of the size, 10 times the efficiency and top tier perfomance at a fraction of the current cost.

Product & Technology
Revolutionary plasma surface treatment for engineering materials

Quick Inspect
Mobile & Web
Offers professional site inspection on iPad.

Ragnar Extruder
Product & Technology
Empowers customers with larger 3D printing needs to produce their own filament in different colours – much cheaper.

SBT Aqua
Cleantech & Environment
Develops and produces sensors that are able to continuously detect bacteria in drinking water to supply the water industry with an unprecedented quality control system.

SDU Mini-Lab
Life Science & Medtech
A medical device for preservation of tissue-samples. It will provide high-quality samples, save the user a considerable amount of time and therefore also ensure a beneficial cost ratio, compared to existing methods. Furthermore it ensures the user a safe work environment in any location.

Sikker Vaccination
Allows patients to find physicians who can give them a safe vaccination with proper medical oversight, if their own physician don’t have time

Sound of Aarhus
Publishes an online music magazine about everything that happens in the Aarhus music scene

People & Society
Allows public transit passengers to earn rewards by testing new products. This allows companies to quickly and cheaply get real feedback on new product offerings.

Life Science & Medtech
Brings antivenom into the modern era of biopharmaceuticals – Fight the bite!

Mobile & Web
Makes a solution to enable smartphones and tablets to work as a measurement tool, first going with multimeter functions with our Voltset product. This enables enhanced hands-on physics learning in the educational sector, but also a light, small, cheap and advanced multimeter that is able to compete with established competitors.



Farhad Rasouli
Farhad RasouliProgram Manager
Tlf. (+45) 53 81 86 87

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