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The most versatile business network for early stage university startups in the Nordics. We give business professionals a sole point of access to engage with startups from all the Danish universities.​

Who are we?

Pioneers in the university
startup ecosystem in

Venture Cup Danmark got founded in 2000 as one of the first entrepreneurial organisations in the country. Since 2014, we have been supported by Hempel Foundation in order to build our own mentor program. We have done that successfully, connecting more than 578 mentors with 489 startups. However, as we have discovered the complexity of the startup ecosystem and the vast programs, events, competitions and much more that exist for startups, we found a more sustainable approach.

From February 2020, based on our 6 years of experience, our pool of experts, mentors and judges, all assembled under the new brand “Venture Cup Experts” will hereon get a sole point of access to all relevant activities that take place at the universities, their innovation hubs and of course Venture Cup-related courses, workshops, programs and events.

What do you get?


Four annual networking meetups with the Venture Cup Experts community


A complete overview of all the innovation initiatives at the universities


Mentor training + LinkedIn certification

Access to hubs
and startups

Access to all the innovation hubs and their exciting startup teams

to Mentor

The opportunity to mentor and judge exciting business ideas

How we do it?

Venture Cup Experts will bridge the gap between the experts from the various industries and the exciting teams at the universities. So, regardless if you want to mentor or judge some of the startup teams, we will give you an complete overview and help you get engaged.

Ask yourself

Do I want to mentor? Do I want to judge?
Do I want to do all of the above for a university startup?

Basic Requirements

Meet the basic requirements
Sign our NDA and COC

Book an interview

Book an interview
with the Venture Cup Experts Staff


Once screened, get access
to relevant startups

Yes! Yes!

If yes, then by all means- apply

A fast growing early-stage startup community!

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Testimonials from University Partners

Where our experts can get engaged?

Read more on the different innovation opportunities that our Venture Cup Experts are currently engaged in.

Copenhagen Health Innovation (CHI) is a partnership between Copenhagen Business School, the Technical University of Denmark , the University of Copenhagen, University College Copenhagen, the City of Copenhagen and the Capital Region of Denmark aimed at creating health innovation through education and innovation projects.

SUND Hub is the Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen’s health incubator located on Nørre Allé in Copenhagen. Currently, SUND Hub house 23 impact startup teams working to find solutions within the healthtech, lifescience, pharma and medtech sector.

SCIENCE Innovation Hub is a part of the University of Copenhagen’s strategic focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. They are organizationally rooted at the Faculty of SCIENCE in the department of Private and Public Sector Services, part of the Faculty Secretariat. Startups from the hub expand their knowledge from idea development to prototype. The hub provides workshops on ideation, pitching, funding, finding new team members and mentors and much more.

Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University (SEA) has been the home base of Entrepreneurship at AAU since 2003.

The AAU Inkubator hosts a series of workshops, programs and social events that gives startups the necessary knowledge and skills to start up their business ventures. Startups will learn to test and validate business ideas, build a strong business concept, and most importantly, get business off the ground running.

SDU RIO (SDU Research & Innovation Organisation) supports collaboration between research, education, the business community and the public sector. SDU has five startup stations across their 5 faculties, in Odense, Slagelse, Kolding, Esbjerg and Southern Jutland.

IT University of Copenhagen has a Startup Programme, where the entire programme is split into 3 stages, based on the current development phase of the startup company. They coach startups to advance from an idea phase to a working solution with a feasible business plan.


These universities are not a part of our “Venture Cup Expert” pilot project, but we will be happy to connect you.



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