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To make it easier for teachers regardless of their region and expertise to add new elements in existing programs or start teaching entrepreneurship.

We provide a short list of carefully chosen materials and present valuable sources for further reading. We don’t provide a recipe, but rather an introduction to understanding innovation and entrepreneurship.

Venture Cup strives to provide high quality hands on opportunities such as: Events, Workshops and Grand Competitions.

We believe all Danish Universities hold a great untapped treasure of innovation. Therefore, using our strong partnerships we reach out to all academic staff and provide free resources for innovation and entrepreneurship teaching.

We inspire university students and researchers to develop their ideas into successful companies.



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Basic Package

5-10 min presentation by Venture Cup, University Coordinator.

What: An agreement is made with the Venture Cup university coordinator to visit a specific class and do a 10-15 minute presentation about the opportunities for entrepreneurial-minded students.

Why: The goal is to inspire the students to think innovatively and apply the their ideas and academic knowledge in the real world as entrepreneurs. The competitions are great platforms to safely test and develop the ideas, while bringing the students into the entrepreneurial eco-system.

Medium Package

What: As an addition to the class presentation described in the basic package, the medium package offers one of the following:

  • 45min motivational talk on entrepreneurship and competitions by entrepreneur and Venture Cup UC
  • 45min workshop on either pitching technique, ideation or business plan development.

Why: It is crucial to motivate the students and show them that it is possible to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while studying. The entrepreneurs/VC alumni have great stories to tell and provide good showcases. The workshops are a great opportunity to engage the students in a hands-on application of their knowledge, that shows them how easily their ideas can be transformed into tangible businesses and how it can be communicated.

Full Package

What: Integration into the full course.

Why: By partnering up with VC to provide inputs for a course, the professor will have a unique tool to focus the course on entrepreneurship, in such a way that the curriculum is put into context and the students gain insights into the application of innovative thinking. And while it motivates the students, it also enables the professor to measure the students’ abillity to apply the learned knowledge to their own ideas and dreams.

This pack requires your agreement of mandatory hand-in to Venture Cup: Idea Competition(November) or Startup Competition(May).


Teaching Materials

M-PAYG is a combined hardware and software solution that allows customers in rural, energy poor areas to buy small-scale installations of renewable energy products, for individual households. The customer pays for the solution in small installments, which are matched with their monthly alternative cost of kerosene (lamp oil), using mobile money.
 Download the business plan here

Debito is an online platform for easy debt collection and debtor management, which eliminates the hassle of managing unsettled claims from clients. The customer will easily create a new claim in Debito, which will be sent to an external partner for further processing. The customer will then be able to follow the status of the claim through a simple interface.
 Download the business plan here

Das Oktoberfist
A leather beer-drinking glove in the style of Bavarian lederhosen engineered to support the wrist against the weight of the beer glass as well as including a pocket for valuables.
 Download the business plan here

Lendino is a P2P lending platform that allow small businesses to finance themselves cheaper and easier.
 Download the business plan here

Dazin provides free cooking and heating fuel for rural households and cheaper than competition for urban market in Bhutan.
 Download the business plan here