Venture Cup Proclaims the Most Innovative Business Ideas

The beginning of 2018 means kicking off with the first startup competition of the year for university students, Venture Cup Idea Competition.

The competition was fierce and 25 crazy, innovative and cool ideas were chosen from among hundreds of students. They competed within the five categories, Service Innovation, GreenTech, Product & Devices, HealthTech and FinTech, the winners of each category being awarded DKK10,000. They all aspire for the main prize of DKK100,000 and the title of the most innovative business idea.

The Award Show of Idea Competition took place in the inspiring and dazzling interior of SDU Cortex Lab in Odense. As the hall was getting more and more filled with entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts and curious people, the countdown revealed the beginning of the day and the screen showed Please find your seat in the orange letters so clear-cut for Venture Cup.

Søren Frandsen the Head of SDU RIO, Research & Innovation Organisation, thanked for the support to the young entrepreneurs in this celebration of entrepreneurship and heartened the startups with the famous quote May the force be with all of you. The next person on stage was Human Shojaee, CEO of Venture Cup, who thanked the heroes of this story – participants, partners and the team, and cheered Let the game begin.

Top-class pitches and inspiring panel debate

The conferencier, Nick Hawtin, introduced the program of the day, highlighting that two startups from each category will now pitch on stage. The 10 chosen startups delivered their pitches on stage at the highest level and the category winners of DKK10,000 were revealed:

TimberNest Freemium were the very first winners announced on the day, representing the Service Innovation category. The two founders from SDU created an interactive social furniture offered on a subscription basis.

First, we are creating value to our partners by providing social furniture to the area. Second, we are creating value to our customers by providing an innovative platform for advertising.

Nickolai & Kristian, TimberNest Freemium

The category winners of Product & Devices were the startup called ZenVocal from KU. Their idea is to make a miniature, transportable rehearsal room for singers and speakers so they can practice at home or travelling without disturbing others. The concept came from the personal experience of the founder as a hobby singer of rock and metal. I came up with the idea to design a mask that covers the singer’s mouth, nose and ears and therefore reduces the outward sound of the singer’s voice, Jonathan explains.

The FinTech category award was claimed by Aryze from SDU and Cphbusiness. Jack who was pitching on stage pointed out that We use the latest technologies within blockchain and biometrics, to enable security and trust in a fully transparent payment system. Aryze proposes a fully digital payment solution called eKroner. They suggest that their solution will reduce the cost of moving money between users and businesses by removing most traditional intermediaries from the equation.

Moreover, Sehat Labs from SDU were declared the winners of the HealthTech category. They introduced THEA, an intelligent piece of software capable of interviewing patients (Siri alike) and extracting the relevant data from these interviews.

The data will be analyzed and sent to the electronic patient journal where the nurses have access to it so they can allocate their time better and give the best care to you.

Ehsanullah, Sehat Labs

To spice up the program of the Award Show, a panel debate about the startup ecosystem in Denmark took over the stage with Ervin from IKEA Bootcamp, Alina from Hooves and Sine, representing SDU Entrepreneurship Labs.

As startups need to be encouraged to tell the world about their ground-breaking idea, a Social Media Award was given to the startup who received the largest number of votes on Venture Cup’s website. Nanopaper were declared winners as they managed to get an impressive number of more than 600 votes within one-week’s time.

And the OVERALL winner is…

After a suspenseful break where both regular audience and jury members voted, Brewer’s Spent Grain was proclaimed the GreenTech category and overall winner of Idea Competition 2018. The founder, Emil Buhl Krøll, representing DTU and KU, went home with the title and cash prize of DKK100,000.

Every time a brewery produces 100 liters of beer, 20 kg of malted grains are discarded, however the grains still have a great nutritional value and great flavours. I propose to create delicious food products with the spent grains from the wide array of malts used in the breweries. My startup will release the full gastronomic potential of brewer’s spent grain, Emil explained on stage. His project will increase the value of the present waste product, which will benefit both the breweries and food producing companies in need of lower priced health ingredients.

Huge congratulations to all the bright entrepreneurial minds who took part in the competition! 

If you have that brilliant business idea that will change the world, all university students have the opportunity to apply again in May for Venture Cup’s National Startup Competition. The competition will take place in Copenhagen, June 2018.

Learn more about the winners here.

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