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University startups compete for total cash prizes of DKK 150,000

Category winners will be awarded DKK 10,000, and the overall winner DKK100,000!


Why is the Idea Competition relevant for me?

This is your chance to quality assure your idea, boost your startup, accelerate your knowledge, create a network within the ecosystem, receive feedback from business professionals and win DKK100,000!

The only thing we ask from you is that one in your team is enrolled at a Danish university AND that you promise to do your best!

How do I submit? 

First of all, hurry up and do it before November 26!

The teams are divided into 5 different categories – you can read about them below* – when you’ve settled on a category, all we need is:

  • The name of your startup
  • A one-liner pitch
  • Upload a business plan (2-3 pages)

You’re not allowed to have a CVR number, have received funding or have a turnover of more than 10,000 DKK!

*We reserve the right to place you in a different category if you’re selected as a finalist

The 5 categories

NextGen Logistics

Shape the future of trade and provide simple end-to-end offering of products and services in the logistics space – from producer to consumer. Startups in this category are mostly focused on broad, scalable, and flexible solutions that can help enable trade, remove barriers and decrease inefficiencies in the global supply chain. Read more here.

Service Innovation

Development of user experience and user design. Focus can be on development or optimization of products or service designs, experiences, events, robotics, digitalization or sharing economy.


Environmentally friendly, recycled products, energy efficiency, waste management, pollution reduction, etc.


Healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical drugs & vaccines, medical devices, biomaterials, advanced medical therapies, etc.

Products & Design

Traditional products & devices, inventions, designs, services, hardware, etc.

Video from the National Startup Competition 2018