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Thank you for your interest in becoming an online judge!

To cope with the steady 25% annual increase in number of participating teams, Venture Cup is always looking for qualified and enthusiastic new online judges to join the existing team of 500+ busy, yet highly committed professionals.

We are looking for individuals with a solid business, strategic, entrepreneurial and/or venture capital background and for people with expert knowledge of specific areas, like cleantech, biotech, social media, finance, marketing, retail etc.

Please note that being part of the jury panel at the competitions is by invitation only. 

Being a jury member is a challenging and inspiring job, and I personally get a lot of energy from helping startups. Microsoft wants to help startups getting successful. At Venture Cup, I see a very high level of very potential startups which makes it even more inspiring, fun and valuable.
Anette Nørgaard, Microsoft
Venture Cup is all about thinking big, but acting small. Venture Cup provides great help and inspiration
to upcoming entrepreneurs who need the assistance to make their big dreams come true. That is why I love to support their work.


What’s in it for you?

  • You can keep updated on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • You can improve your toolbox by sharpening your skills on live case material
  • You can tailor your involvement to specific needs
  • You can get the satisfaction of helping others
  • You can raise awareness of you and your company
  • You can be a part of Venture Cup


What does it mean to be an online judge?

  • You can expect to evaluate approx. 5-8 business plans December and May
  • This equals about 10 hours twice a year on evaluating, rating and commenting on plans all from the comfort of your home or office (online system)
  • The task of the judge is to function as a qualifier separating the unique, from the good, from the “needs more work” – and to provide constructive feedback to the teams in order for them to understand why they got the rating they did – and suggestions on how to move ahead
  • In addition to the online judge function, you may be selected to take part in the Panel of Jury members at the grand final events. Preference is given to online judges who have given the most valuable and constructive feedback in terms of not only rating but in terms of qualitative suggestions, motivation and argumentations
  • All ideas submitted to Venture Cup are 100% confidential, therefore all judges must sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in order to be accepted
  • Evaluation of teams is a mandatory part of the Venture Cup process – hence being accepted as a judge will guarantee that you will play an active role in the competitions you chose.
  • Judges are carefully selected volunteers, chosen by invitation only as they provide the backbone of the competition. We are grateful that so many professionals wish to donate their time and knowledge to this great cause
  • Venture Cup do not accept individuals employed by Danish universities as Judges – as the feedback the students get through Venture Cup is designed to come from the business world in order to complement the academic evaluations they receive in their respective courses
  • Venture Cup reserve the right to select individuals who display outstanding commitment to helping the young entrepreneurs in terms of providing useful feedback to the participating teams. We reserve the right to cancel your participation at any time if the above should not prove to be the case


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You need to sign our NDA before you can be accepted as juror.

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Remember to sign the NDA before you apply!