Meet the National Startup Competition 2020 Winners

September 2nd was a night full of celebration. We celebrated Venture Cup’s 20 year anniversary, student entrepreneurship, and the winners of National Startup Competition 2020!


Christiane Vejlø from Elektronista Media was the amazing hostess for the evening. She took the audience through the program smoothly and shared some of her insights into digital transformation.

The 3 cool VIP jury-members decided on the overall winner of National Startup Competition 2020! They were Louise Ferslev (MyMonii), Jeppe Rindom (Pleo), and Sissel Hansen (Startup Guide). 


The Digital category winner and the OVERALL WINNER of National Startup Competition 2020 and DKK 100,000 was Subreader from CBS & DTU. Subreader is a welfare tech platform that helps dyslexics by reading the subtitles out loud on movies and TV-shows, this allows them to participate in the world of movies on equal footings with everyone else. “I got the idea to make Subreader for my little brother who is dyslexic himself. Growing up with a dyslexic brother, meant that I have watched many movies with my family, where my mom would be reading the subtitles out loud for my brother and for the rest of the family. It was quite annoying and disruptive to have the subtitles read out loud, so I got the idea, together with Anders, my co-founder, to create another tool for that, which is what lead to Subreader,” says Alexander Gram Jensen, the CEO and co-founder of SubReader, and continues, “We are so thrilled to be the winners of National Startup Competition 2020, not just because of the money, the networking, and to be going to University Startup World Cup, but also because of the future that this can bring us. This event is a great celebration of entrepreneurship and a good introduction to the startup community. Winning is a huge motivation booster for us, and it really shows that what we are doing every day is paying off.” 

The Product category winner, Runner-Up, and winner of DKK 25,000 was Lifeboard by WeConsider from AAU. “LifeBoard by WeConsider is a new way of seeing life-saving. Life-saving equipment hasn’t really changed over the past 100 years. We all know the lifebuoy ring which is a great aid at the harbor or on a boat because you can throw it. But at the beach, nobody is drowning 7 meters away. They are most likely drowning 200 meters out making it difficult to throw and use the lifebuoy ring. The product is not made to swim with. It is not working ideally even though we have them on most beaches. That’s why we created LifeBoard,” says Sofus Jørgensen, one of the founders. 

The Green category winner was Climaider from RUC, ITU, CBS & KU. “What ClimAider basically does, is that we help you understand how much carbon you omit, where this carbon comes from and then we help you remove or avoid the same amount of carbon. So, we make carbon offsetting available to the general public. Our app acts like a companion and helper through every step of your life and makes it as easy and fun as possible to live climate-friendly,” says Oliver Whimster Martinsen, CEO and Founder of Climaider, and continues; “It started out with the two of us co-founders being on our gap year, where we were travelling around South America. We were working in a permaculture farm and this made us very conscious about the climate in general. The average Dane omits about 17 tonnes of carbon every year. The global goal would be around 2 tonnes. 88% of Danes do think that global warming is a serious problem, but they don’t know what they should do about it.”


The Health category winner was Healper from DTU, ITU & KU. Healper is the first booking platform where you are matched with a psychologist that fits your personality and mental health challenge. “I was inspired by an app called Roden that won the Yale University School of Medicine’s 2017 Hackathon award. It was a diary app where the client would send a daily 1-3 minute video to their psychologist to tell them about their day. The app eventually failed because the innovation team had failed to make the business model work in the U.S. market, so I decided to try to implement the app with Danish psychologists. In the end, I found a much bigger challenge that was on a more basic level, and that was booking and matching, which finally led to the creation of Healper,” says Andreas Aabo, CEO and founder of Healper. 

Special thanks to our partners: IDA, Hempel Foundation, Fonden for Entreprenørskab, Innovationsfonden, AWA, and McKinsey & Company. 

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