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Venture Cup and Novo Nordisk Foundation team up to bring you the best of Nordic HealthTech

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Developing HealthTech Game Changers of Tomorrow

We are looking for the best entrepreneurial talents of the Nordic countries. Do you have a great HealthTech startup idea? Apply now and get the chance to join the exclusive 1-year program where you will not only get a chance to develop your idea, but also learn everything you need to know about leadership, sales, marketing, strategy, investment, and much more!

Join now to learn from the best experts in the field, develop your skills, and take one step closer towards becoming a serial entrepreneur!

After the application deadline, 10 startups, represented by 2 persons, will be selected, meaning the program will consist of 20 Nordic talents within the healthtech industry.

Throughout the program, the talents will be supported in all the ways they need in order to develop their ideas and talents. This includes support on design thinking, ideation, sales and marketing, strategy, investments, and much more.

The applicants who are not selected but are highly qualified will be invited to join the exclusive community where they will have access to certain resources and the ability to participate in some of the workshops at their own cost.

Nordic HealthTech Talents, A 1-year development program provided 10 selected startups with business and leadership training and a community that shares and inspires the innovation of HealthTech.

In the Nordic HealthTech Talents program, we offer you:


DKK 50,000 to all selected startups.

Fully-Funded international travels

a chance to visit and collaborate with local communities in 5 Nordic countries.

Personal leadership training

team-building, leadership style and stakeholder management courses for world-class leaders.

Business development training

go-to-market strategy, sales and investment training courses provided by industry-leading experts.

Mentor program

hand-picked advisors and mentors to help you reach the next level.

Co-creation lab

a chance to collaborate with industry experts, lab scientists, innovators and experienced entrepreneurs co-creating new business ideas.

Extensive Network

Meet fellow entrepreneurs, investors, lab scientists and get access to competitions.

Shadowing sessions

Follow an experienced entrepreneur on a day to day basis handling negotiations, market, innovation and leading a company.

Who can apply ?

The aim of the program is to select the 10 best startups and ideas, to apply you must fulfill ALL 3 requirements:

1. A good idea in HealthTech

You need to have a feasible and innovative idea related to the HealthTech industry. It doesn’t matter if it’s just an idea, or if you have already started developing and establishing it as a startup.

2. You are a startup in the Nordics

Your startup is based in the Nordics (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, or Sweden), or one of your team members associated with a Nordic University as a student, staff, or alumni. Make sure your team complies with the rules.

3. Two members from 1 team

Each team selects 2 members to participate in the program. At least one has to be a founder. If you’re a solo-rider, our suggestion is to get out there and network, and find yourself a partner to apply together!

Where to apply?

The deadline for 2018 already passed, but you can sign up below to receive the latest update from Nordic HealthTech Talents, and notification for next run!

IMPORTANT! Before you apply, check the checklist:

  • Your business plan is ready and contains the relevant information: idea, team, target market, financing, implementation plan. As an inspiration, you can take a look at this template called Impact Canvas from University of Tampere.
  • Your business plan is saved as a PDF and is no longer than 10 pages.
  • You meet all of our program criteria.

The application deadline for Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018 has passed, but you can sign up our newsletter to receive the latest updates and notification for the next run.

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Q & A

You are welcome to apply if you fit all 3 requirements:

1. You have a feasible, innovative idea in HealthTech that you want to are already developing in

2. You have at least 1 member enrolled in a university in a Nordic country (check the rules of definition of students here)

3. Your application should have 2 members that will join the program if your team is selected.

Yes! As long as one member of the startup is associated with a Nordic university (e.g. staff member, current student, or a recent graduate) then it doesn’t matter that you are not a student.

Yes! Recent graduates fit our 2nd criteria as a student, for more details you can check the rules here.
There must be at least 2 members in a team to join this program. Find a partner who will work with you and then you can apply this program together.
Each team can only have 2 members to join this program. If you have more than 2 persons in your team, choose the two who you think best represent your startup to apply, as long as one of them is a founder of the company.
No. You don’t have to have a registered company to apply this program, as long as you have a feasible and innovative idea in HealthTech, no matter what stage your idea/startup is in, you are welcomed to apply.
The idea of HealthTech is health improved by technology, you can check our graph here for some examples
Yes, and by participating in our program you will not only receive the grant, but also more resources and access to mentors, investors, training workshops, and courses that will help bring your startup to the next level.
The 2-track development journey is a series of workshops and courses that focus on improving your:
– personal leadership skills e.g. innovation, communication, coaching, planning and execution, stakeholder management and team development as well as your
– business development skills, e.g. business modelling, strategy, go-to-market, investments, finances and investor day.
Yes, we cover participants’ relevant traveling and accommodation expenses (budget fares/stays).
Selected participants are obligated to participate in all workshops, courses and activities throughout the program.
The application deadline is 11 June, 2018. The program will start in the end of August and take approximately 1 year. Most workshops and activities will last 3 days per month in different Nordic locations. The actual dates and places will be announced shortly.
All participants are obligated to participate in the full program in order to receive financial support from the program.
The program covers all Nordic countries and participants will have a chance to visit and collaborate with local communities in these countries. More details about dates and venues will be announced shortly.
The grant is paid to the individual company in 4 installments. The program’s participants are at all times responsible for complying with VAT and tax laws in their home countries. Note that the Venture Cup does not pre-calculate taxes and VAT before paying the grant.
Travel expenses and expenses for stay and catering in connection with project workshops and events are refunded by sending an attachment to Venture Cup. Rules for expenses and attachments are submitted upon admission to the program.


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