Arionida Pro – Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

Arionida Pro - Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

ArionidaPro AS is planning to extract the slug slime as a raw material for possible applications as medicinal patches, moisturizing and anti-aging creams, natural lubricants and adhesive and also as a green source of complex proteins.


Aldona Petkeviciene

Co-founder of Arionida Pro

With a background in Management, Aldona is a strategist, focusing on networking, start-up programs, sales, innovation, events, creation of sustainable products and future.


Justas  Staciokas

Technology and product development manager of ArionidaPro

Justas is a DTU Master student from Lithuania, with experience in research laboratories and in pilot scale plant, with interest in downstream processing of the products in pharmaceutical and biotechnological fields as well as polymer chemistry related applications.



ArionidaPro wants to establish a business around the great potential of the slime of slugs.  The natural and biodegradable slime could be used as a raw material for possible applications as medicinal patches, moisturizing and anti-aging creams, natural lubricants and adhesive and also as a green source of complex proteins. Therefore the initial idea is a slug farm, where slugs would be grown in a controlled and sustainable environment to produce a sufficient amount of high-quality slime. The ultimate goal for us is not only to have a farm but also to have a facility where a range of products made out of slime could be developed, analyzed and manufactured. These products would be branded as environmentally friendly, sustainable and innovative, however, the exact products are yet to be decided after deeper literary research, market analysis and some initial testing of the slime.


Workshop Reflections

Justas from Arionida Pro was especially enthusiastic about the “Go-To-Market” workshop with Nicolaj Højer Nielsen.

He said: “The workshop was amazing in terms of the information we’ve been provided with the marketing strategies and segmenting of the possible product applications and also was very efficient and social. Quality time in both, teaching and socializing aspects. The facilitator Nicolaj showed his internationally recognized competences, experience, and inspiration which he shared with all of us. His insights gave us some new ideas and ways how to convert the ideas into possible products. This boosted our confidence and motivation. Another important part of the workshop was Medica fair, where we’ve met some possible future partners and had a nice time discovering new technologies breaking their way to the medical industry.”


Also, Justas was very positively surprised to get introduced to the Finish startup scene and Health Sector and get a new perspective on the ecosystem there. He commented: “It was very interesting to learn about the atmosphere in Finland when it comes to startups because it seems that sometimes this country is dropped outside from Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. And for no reason, because it seems that they are really interested in attracting new companies and startups with a very friendly and healthy environment. It was interesting to hear about the health system which is considered to be one of the best in Europe.  Also to meet some locals who are not as cold as they are stereotyped. >>

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