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The Team Leadership workshop helped the Nordic HeatlhTech talents to discover their personality styles and become better team leaders.

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The 11 Nordic HealthTech startups embarked for one more exciting adventure in the cold, nonetheless exotic Icelandic capital, in February 2019. The teams spent two days in Reykjavik University for the Team Leadership workshop, which was facilitated by Klaus Meier Olsen, an experienced Senior Consultant, and Partner from Workz A/S.

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Running a startup can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing people with different personality types.  Each of the participants came one step closer in knowing themselves and their teammates by completing the DiSC Profile test and receiving a whole report of their motivation and personality type.

Klaus facilitated exercises and discussion that encouraged all the co-founders to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to communicate better and deal with conflicts.

” … I learned about common misunderstandings between people of different DISC style. This was a highly educational workshop for me to build an effective team in the future.”- said Celina Wierzbicka, member of SureCapture Technologies.

  • SureCapture Technologies makes smart materials that reveal previously invisible molecules. The patented and uniquely sensitive biomarker technology contributes to a significantly better understanding of disease progression and shortens expensive drug development.

Knowing the different personality types and what motivates each type can be very useful for a leader. Klaus introduced different leadership styles according to Goleman and explained how different Disc profiles respond to different leadership styles.

” The workshop made me re-evaluate how to get a team to collaborate. It was really useful and will definitely impact how I function as a team leader.” – said Love Marcus, Co-founder of Provement.

  • Provement is a digital evaluation and communication tool that helps clinicians individualize childhood obesity treatment and make it more effective while reducing the clinicians’ workload and the families’ perceived effort. 

However, the most fun part of the workshop was the Playmakers, a team leadership simulation game by Workz A/S that our participants had the opportunity to play in groups. Playmakers challenged the participants to manage a project while focusing on leadership rather than management. They were encouraged to think of how their choices as leaders will affect team performance and stakeholder engagement. Moreover, the simulation was combined with role-playing exercises that allowed the participants to learn how to handle conflict and employee resistance.  


“The more you know about how you and others operate and approach the world the easier it is to focus on what matters and grow your company. I really enjoyed this workshop, despite its corporate focus.”- said Toke Faurby, CEO of TresActio.

  • TresActio makes biotechnology research faster and more efficient by digitizing early stages of the strain screening pipeline – adding automatic control and collecting data at an unprecedented scale. 

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