Insight Academia – Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

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Insight Academia - Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

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Insight Academia is a revolutionary search engine able to show what is hidden in the scientific panorama.>>

Parid Doksani

Parid is an MSc student in Business Administration in Innovation and Healthcare at CBS.

Agzam Idrissov

Agzam is a Ph.D. student specialized in complex data visualization at DTU, who developed the first prototype of Insights Academia



Insight Academia aims at becoming a social network for scientists able to aggregate all the different players of the scientific panorama (universities, publishers, scientists) and all the scientific knowledge in a unique platform. Someone might argue that something similar already exists (e.g., ResearchGate) but, as second movers, we aim at solving some of the limitations of the current scientific social networks and introduce new disruptive innovations





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