Learn design thinking from Post-It masters – See how HealthTech startups enhance ideas!

Learn design thinking from Post-It masters - See how HealthTech startups enhance ideas!

During the design Thinking workshop, the teams learned how to a variety of physical tools to put their ideas on paper to refine their business model, clarify their value proposition and solve problems.

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We gathered our 11 Nordic HealthTech startups in Copenhagen for our 2nd event- Design Thinking Workshop facilitated by the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID), in October 2018. The workshop was hosted at Copenhagen Bio Science Park (COBIS) for 2 days, then joined the University Startup World Cup with the 65+ teams from the world, and networked with USWC HealthTech teams at the Danish pharma giant, Novo Nordisk Fonden.

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  • Nordic HealthTech Talents is a 1-year development program tailor-made for Nordic HealthTech startups. This program is exclusively sponsored by Novo Nordisk Fonden. (read more here)

The second workshop taught me the importance of using thinking tools, like the business model canvas or the social venture canvas. These tools can reveal blind spots and force one to be explicit all of which helps one think more clearly and systematically about complex problems.”- said Toke Faurby, CEO of TresActio.

  • TresActio makes biotechnology research faster and more efficient by digitizing early stages of the strain screening pipeline – adding automatic control and collecting data at an unprecedented scale. Check out more here.

Under the leadership of the facilitators of CIID, the startups followed the step by step instruction to use all the physical tools like post-its and working sheets to put ideas on paper.

We really learned how to be Post-it masters!” – the inventor of Polaris Proteins, Jenny Johansson Söderberg said. ”… and how to put our ideas into the physical space, and then let the ideas evolve together with our teammate, I do believe that this method of working can be proved to be useful.

Edda Marie Rainer, a team member from Polaris Proteins added, “it helps us refine our business model, especially customer relationships and marketing in the B2B context.

  • Polaris Proteins has developed a novel expression system, based on a cold-adapted bacterium, that offers simplified production of difficult-to-express proteins, including increased solubility and more active enzymes.

The design thinking mindset supports the startups to clarify their value proposition, understand the bio, medical and pharma industry, and deliver a more compelling pitch to their target audiences.

By listing the pain and gain of customers, we had some good inputs about where and how we should focus.” – said Niels Lindeburg, CTO of VasDeBlock.

  • VasDeBlock Medical develops a new and innovative male contraception method for couples around the world. It doesn’t hold hormones, it doesn’t require surgery, it’s far more practical than condoms. And it’s reversible!

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