Provement – Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

Provement - Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

Provement is a digital evaluation and communication tool that helps clinicians individualize childhood obesity treatment and make it more effective while reducing the health care professionals’ workload and the families’ perceived effort.


Love Marcus

Dual degrees in Physics from KTH and Business and economics from SSE. Winner of the 2016 Spotify Innovation Award

Andreas Drangel

Full stack developer with M.Sc from KTH in Computer Science and experience from DeWire, Sellpy, and EF


About Provement

Provement is a software service (SaaS) with connected hardware that aims at making clinical treatment of obese children more effective and efficient. The system is based on objective data collection in the patients’ homes. The data is analyzed to give immediate feedback to the families based on their most recent progress and reports to the clinics with recommendations on which patients require the clinical staff’s attention. This allows the staff to manage their time with maximal efficiency and to intervene before the treatment fails.

What they have learned from the workshops

The “Personal Leadership” workshop has been especially useful for Love’s personal development, as he said:

The first workshop made me reflect on myself, my goals and my relations, which is something I usually don’t spend enough time doing. There were also some pointers that I found useful on how to keep myself in line with my own goals and plan my time.”

During the “Design Thinking” workshop Love got some useful insights on how to remain focused as a team in Provement. He said:” The second workshop had some really good parts and introduced tools that we will work continually with from now on to keep the team focused on a common goal and to prioritize the important factors for the success of our product and business model. The useful parts of the workshop were to structurally re-evaluate the assumptions and interpretations that we base our work on.”

He then further learned how he is a leader and how to help his team work together better during the “Team Leadership” workshop in Iceland. “The workshop made me reevaluate how to get a team to collaborate. It was really useful and will definitely impact how I function as a team leader.” 


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