Selective Humans-Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

Selective Humans-Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018


Selective Humans provides a solution that enables users of the service to scan the barcode of pre-packed food and food supplements to identify and select or avoid selected ingredients in a fast and simple manner.


Thorolfur  Gunnarsson

CTO / Serial entrepreneur

Þórólfur is a serial entrepreneur with years of experience. He founded his first company in 2001. His insight into business and technology are an essential pillar for the project. In addition, he has an extensive and good network and experience from startup accelerators and grant applications. Þórólfur also handles planning and strengthening of the network and advisory team

Margret  Jonsdottir

Founder and CEO

Margret studies MBA  at University of Iceland 2018-2020 , holds a BA degree in Law (highest grade) , has done ML studies for 2 years (master thesis unfinished) , holds a Diploma in Positive Psychology , is a Certified Realtor (since 2006, contract work and meetings over 11 years in total), took the course Brautargengi at Innovation Centre Iceland, which is a course for female founders to learn to make a business plan. Moreover, Margrét handles the daily operation, preparation work, contracting of the projects, acquisition of partners and strengthening networking and advisory teams.


Selective Humans solution is a product that creates, develops, maintains and markets comprehensive information services in the form of software solutions that enable users of the service to scan unique food and food supplements ID (barcode or other), using smart devices, to identify and choose or avoid selected ingredients.

The service will, in its entirety, aim to display information quickly and easily, as well as to build on real-time information. The goal is to establish and maintain a database of ingredients and nutritional values in all pre-cooked foods in the Icelandic market. In parallel with the construction and development of the database, Selective Humans will develop smart applications for consumers as part of their software solution.

Furthermore, the partnership with MATIS will provide the same serial identification for ISGEM and the Selective Human database, so that both can be used to calculate the consumption of the population of a variety of foods when it comes to dietary research. Lastly, the smartphone is today the most widely used interface, and unique identifiers can e.g. be in the form of a barcode, QR code, RFID or other machine-readable identifiers. Efforts will be made to adapt the solution to innovation in technology. 

Workshop Reflections 

Margret pointed out what she learned and want to apply in her life from the first workshop on Personal Leadership. She said:

Sharper focus, better listening skills, prioritization in a busy life (big rocks, small rocks). Loved the positivity, micro-pauses and the emphasis on good sleep.”

For the Design Thinking workshop, she said:

“Got us thinking about our services and business case on a different level and from more angles than before. We also had to revise some previous assumptions. Very helpful pointers and working sheets.”


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