SureCapture Technologies-Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

SureCapture Technologies-Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018


SureCapture Technologies’ smart materials reveal previously invisible molecules. The patented and uniquely sensitive biomarker technology contributes to a significantly better understanding of disease progression and shortens expensive drug development.



Celina Wierzbicka


Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences (Malmö University). Expert on MIP synthesis for PTM targets and omics applications. Role in the company: CEO and production manager.



Börje Sellergren 

CSO of SureCapture

Professor in Biomedical Technology, Malmö University. A leading authority in Molecular Imprinting and related affinity techniques with more than 170 peer-reviewed publications. Has in-depth business experience, being the co-founder, former board member and chief scientific advisor of the Biotage subsidiary MIP Technologies (, a company marketing selective resins for process and analytical scale separations. Inventor and owner of key IP in the field of business. Role in the company: CSO, feeds in expertise in materials design and applications in the core business area, IP protection, entrepreneurship



SureCapture Technologies will produce and sell materials, based on current prototypes, for high-affinity binding of biomolecular entities related to the omics technologies e.g. proteomics, lipidomics, and glycomics. SureCapture Technologies will initially sell three types of products:

  1. Solid phase extraction (SPE) products. These are nearest to the market and consist of highly selective extraction/enrichment consumables for clean-up of trace levels of such species from biological samples. For the customer, the use of the products will result in considerably simpler methodology, more reliable and rugged methods and substantial savings in time and money.
  2. Powders. The products will be offered as loose powders for customers requiring other separation/enrichment solutions. This will also be the main format for custom made products.
  3. Analysis Kits. Analysis kits will be produced for the selective enrichment of high priority targets. These can consist of biomarker specific capture phases from the above classes such as the bioactive lipid S1P (Annex 1). The latter product will target customers in the pharmaceutical industry, CROs, quality control and diagnostics. Verification project in Singapore is underway (NRF PoC grant: POC001-018; 238kSGD) but validation still to be concluded.


Workshop Reflections

Börje found the first workshop on Personal Leadership very useful,

“The first workshop helped me to identify my weaknesses and how to overcome them, to improve personal relations at the workplace and how to prioritize tasks. Very useful.”

The second workshop on Design Thinking gave some important tools to Celina:

“I learned new tools and methods to critically review the business idea with stress on the customer’s perspective. It was also very useful to review my assumptions on the business model.”

The Go-to-Market workshop was extremely useful for Celina and Jing. Celina said:

Nicolaj’s individual approach to each startup allowed us to better understand where we are now and how to reach our goals. Extremely useful insights about sales, marketing and building relationships with customers, partners, and distributors.

Moreover, Celina reflected on the learnings of the last workshop on Team leadership:

“I learned how different DISC styles of people can affect the effectiveness of work. I learned about common misunderstandings between people of different DISC style. This was a highly educational workshop and I am sure I will use this kind of tools in the future to build an effective team”

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