TresActio – Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

TresActio - Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

TresActio makes biotechnology research faster and more efficient by digitizing early stages of the strain screening pipeline – adding automatic control and collecting data at an unprecedented scale. 


Toke Faurby

CEO and Co-founder

Toke is the CEO and co-founder of TresActio while studying applied mathematics at the Technical University of Denmark with a focus on data science and machine learning.

Christian Emil Ege-Johansen

Christian is the CTO of TresActio 


TresActio wants to make biotechnology research faster and more efficient by digitizing the early stages of the screening pipeline. The TresActio Fermenter is quick and easy to use, scaling to customer needs and it is compatible with the current infrastructure. Moreover, it monitors pH,pO2 and glucose, controls pH and glucose and enables easy sampling. In addition, it adds automatic data collection, which can be analyzed with TresActio’s software and thus create unique learning opportunities 


What they have learned from Nordic HealthTech Talents…

The first workshop on personal leadership was very beneficial both for Toke and Christian as they reflected on what it means to be an effective leader on a personal level

Christian said: “The first workshop made me reflect over my own habits, and how my daily habits outside work, influences my working life. The workshop gave me different tools, it is easy to work with, it has given me insight in how I can be more efficient in my working life, by having better balance in my private life. The phrase, “you must work with yourself before you can work with others” sums up what I took away from it, having control of “the basics” in your own life, enables you to work with others; to be more insightful and understanding, making progress easier and more efficiently.”


The second workshop- design Thinking taught Toke the importance of using thinking tools. He said: “The second workshop taught me the importance of using thinking tools, like the business model canvas or the social venture canvas. These tools can reveal blind spots and force one to be explicit all of which helps one think more clearly and systematically about complex problems. Lastly, these tools should be seen as living documents that are updated as new information is presented, and that should be returned to regularly in order to keep the big picture and one’s priorities straight.’


The third workshop Go-To-Market strategy with Nicolaj Højer Nielsen not only gave valuable insights to TresActio but important learning that they can apply immediately on their startup.


Toke said: “Nicolaj Højer is incredible – He is one of the most well-regarded investors in Denmark and at this workshop I learned why. With short and to the point lectures he builds the scaffold necessary for later exercises and discussions. His interactive style and immense knowledge make for one of the most effective learning experiences that I have had. Nicolaj also made me appreciate Effectuation, and it is something I will use a lot more purposefully going ahead. My number one takes away from this workshop is the supreme importance of stakeholder commitment. At the early stages of a startup, it is alpha and omega

Christian adds: “The workshop with Nicolaj Højer took us through the stages of “go to market strategy”, it gave us the insight of how we should focus on customers, but more importantly who not to focus on. I’ve learned the importance of starting very early approaching the “first customer”, even before the product is ready, getting them committed by doing co-development, can be incredibly valuable, especially B2B as it can cut years off the first sales deals. Nicolaj Højers workshop was very thought through, and I can already see the learnings from the workshop having an impact on our business today.”

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