VasDeBlock Medical-Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

VasDeBlock Medical-Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018


VasDeBlock Medical ApS develops a new and innovative male contraception method for couples around the world. It doesn’t hold hormones, it doesn’t require surgery, it’s far more practical than condoms. And it’s reversible!

Mette Mikkelsen

CEO of VasDeBlock,

Mette is an experienced professional within business administration, project management, sales, and Marketing.


Niels Lindeburg

CTO and founder of VasDeBlock  

Niels is experienced in solving tasks that include everything from idea to go-to-market, applying for patents and developing in completely new areas where creativity and innovation are required. Have the drive required to start new products and get them developed for launch. Is an entrepreneur with the whole heart and is quick to grasp ideas that have potential.


VasDeBlock is a new and innovative male contraception method for men/couples ages 35+ looking for a non-hormonal and minimal- invasive long-acting solution. The solution is effective and safe, easy to apply as it does not require surgery, it’s more practical than condoms and is applicable to the modern way of life. It’s also reversible

Workshop Reflections

The first workshop on ‘Personal Leadership’ gave some beneficial insights for Mette and Niels. Mette said:

“I found the first workshop very enlightening. Though we’re following through our IP strategy, it’s always good to get briefed on what/what not to do patents as Awa brought to the table. Also, the intro and finance walkthrough by Novo added new aspects – some previous as well as future funding approaches. The intro and walk through the “team & roles” topic by Jes Broeng was what made the biggest impression on me. In our team, we are 5 very different people and we will definitely benefit from being more open about our goals and values, strong and not so strong sides. I will arrange a team session! Further, was the FranklinCovey session good to remind me how time is spent wisest and how to make the habits a natural part of my daily work/life”

The second workshop, “Design thinking” helped Mette realize the importance of having a  more structured approach, as she comments:

The design thinking workshop proved to me that the structured approach of getting things on paper will make you get your head around it all. It was a good thing for me to revisit our value proposition and not least get a discussion about our customers – is it the end user or the professional actually paying us for the solution? This clarification together with the user journey map documented on paper made it more obvious than before to me which of our assumptions we’ll have to focus on to validate. A follow up on this will be in a team setting so that the business plan is not just mine because I wrote it but a living document for all of us”

The Go-To-Market workshop was inspiring for Mette and Niels. Mette said:

“The GTM workshop was, first of all, a well-packed program with a very inspiring and engaging facilitator – Nicolaj Højer Nielsen. He shared his wisdom with us and also facilitated stage time for each startup to make it very hands-on in relation to the agenda topic. I was greatly inspired by the structured approach for GTM and have indeed identified some topics that my team and I must dig deeper into!

Niels as well reflects on how VasDeBlock can use the insights from workshop 3:

“How Investors think and act was some we must be aware. Good examples are important and the knowledge from the speaker was great, Difficulty to raise money is something all startups struggling with – use exhibitions and talk to people are some ways to understand what is interesting for investors and partners. But also other channels have to be used. How to look at the steps from our site and from an investors point of view must be looked close into. That our challenges are very similar to others in the NHTT. It is important to spread the news about our project. In our Boarding meetings, we can use some from the workshops eg. ideas and when we speak to investors and  influencers several techniques from this workshop can be helpful.”

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