VenomAid Diagnostics -Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

VenomAid Diagnostics -Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

VenomAid Diagnostics – A solution for rapid diagnosis of victims bitten by medically relevant snakes.

Aleksander Moldt Haack


B. Sc. student in Human Life Science Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.

Rasmus Ulslev Wegener Friis


B. Sc. student in Human Life Science Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark.



VenomAid™ is a simple, affordable, and portable testing device for rapid diagnosis of snakebite victims. It provides a reliable diagnostic result within minutes of loading blood directly from the site of the bite onto the device, thereby allowing clinicians to quickly move from diagnosis to treatment. 

Workshop Reflections

For the first workshop on Personal Leadership Aleksander said:

“This workshop gave us an opportunity to look at ourselves, take a step back and reflect over what we could improve on a personal level. Here it was the individual in focus and not the business, which I believe is a good starting point for the following program, as personal development is key when creating one’s first startup”

The second workshop on Design Thinking gave some important tools to Rasmus, as he reflected:

“This workshop introduced tools to re-evaluate our business model by challenging some of the assumptions that we base our business idea on. I learned how important it is to be explicit about details (in a structured way) when trying to solve complex problems in a team.”

Aleksander was very satisfied with the Go-To-Market workshop. He said:

This workshop delivered beyond all expectations. We had an intense 2-day workshop facilitated by Nicolaj Højer Nielsen about bringing value to our business in different ways. This covered subjects such as what to be aware of when looking for distributors, identifying and narrowing down new potential customer segments and choosing your focus and finding the true value of your product for your different stakeholders. Overall, we got a great deal out of this workshop, both personally and business wise as we got a bunch of new ideas, that we can incorporate into VenomAid Diagnostics. It was planned so that all teams got a chance to attend the Medica Trade fair in Düsseldorf and therefore we got a unique opportunity to meet potential collaborators, as well as getting a chance to ask stakeholders first hand about their thoughts on our product.”

Moreover, Aleksander commented on the “Connect with Sweden” workshop,

“Getting an opportunity to observe negotiations with an investor first hand and asking questions related to an actual case provided a lot of insights into what is expected of an investor presentation. In the co-creation lab, learning about workshop planning and execution also provided us with valuable tools for the future”

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