VulCur MedTech- Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

VulCur MedTech- Nordic HealthTech Talents 2018

VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on chronic wound healing.

Janus Beierholm 

CEO of VulCur MedTech

Janus has an MSc in Biochemistry and is the Founder and CEO of VulCur MedTech. In recent years Janus has worked as an advisor and project manager in the biotech/pharma industry. He has acquired a particularly good understanding of business and research development. He is dedicated, ambitious, result oriented and very customer-focused. His focus is on value-adding, planning and executing scientific projects through a basic understanding of business architecture, IT and technology.

Steen Millinder

CTO of VulCur MedTech 



VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on wound healing,  using a novel combination of existing technologies. The solution treats biofilm producing bacteria that it is believed to infect all chronic wounds and show great resistance to antibiotics, slowing down the healing process. The VMT- (VulcurMedTech) method of treatment uses tightly focused laser pulses whose focal-point form a 3D grid-like matrix inside the tissues, thermally ablating the bacteria, without damaging the human cells, aiding the natural healing processes.

The VMT-method of treatment makes the healing of a bacteria otherwise untreatable chronic wounds possible and reduces the time of healing. This both lowers treatment costs per patient, and increase patients’ quality of life.  This will allow for rapid development and implementation process. With ease of operation, low production costs and potential high efficacy, our method has the potential to become the leading, most widely distributed treatment method for chronic wound healing.

Workshop reflections

Steen found that the first workshop had to offer great insights on understanding the essence of entrepreneurship but also some hands-on practical advice on developing healthy personal that contribute to a successful lifestyle. He said:  “This workshop kind of had 2 parts to it, first was Jes Broeng and then the main part about the stress reduction. Jes drew a pretty detailed picture of how the experience of starting a company can unfold and what challenges might be met. This does not help solve specific challenges that we are up against at the moment but helps build an intuitive feel of what entrepreneurship is about and where it might be important to fortify to be more resilient against unforeseen challenges to come. This is hard to evaluate on a short timescale but reveals itself to be invaluable in the long run.

Steen was very inspired after the Go-To-Market workshop. He said: The combination of this workshop with Medica was a good combo indeed. During this workshop, we got a lot of hands-on advice from one who has walked this path himself. We were inspired to rethink some of our ideas on exit and our Go-to-market strategy. We were also reaffirmed on some of the points where we seemed to be spot on. It was high paced and interesting enough to keep the momentum going, and that was important because the days were long and the breaks were few. The exercises where relevant and on point, during the group-exercises we got the opportunity to exchange viewpoints and experiences with the other team member’s which was fruitful in a way hard to define or put its finger on, personal growth often is”.

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