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Venture Cup is the universities' common platform for entrepreneurship and our competitions are the place for the universities to showcase and benchmark university startups, and for the startups to receive tools, feedback and promotion.

We want to help ambitious and curios university startups advance and reward them with tools that will add to their entrepreneurial learning curve.

Set your mark on tomorrow. We know that as a young entrepreneur you are devoted to doing a good deed. The world needs you more than ever, so use your skills to communicate your impact on our society. We want to support you in doing the right thing for your team, for your community, for your customers, and for the environment. Set your mark on tomorrow by participating in the National Startup Competition 2020. 


Submission deadline is June 15th before 23.59!

How do I apply?

Venture Cup has the right to put you in a different category if we decide that it's a better fit.

Get inspired by how each startup in the four different categories can create impact.

But also remember that impact can be seen in many ways.

Read about the four categories and determine in which category your startup fits.

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How can we optimize human’s health? The category for Health covers everything from medical processes in the health sector or platforms that generates more awareness of diseases and symptoms among the general population. In other words, if your purpose is to save more lives or create better well-being, you have come to the right place.

Example of impact: improve the current medicinal instruments for hospital personnel to provide care for more patients.


Our world is changing and people are changing with it. What can we do to make our planet better for future generations? The category for Green consists of ideas that makes our planet and society become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This could for example be in industries of Energy, Recycling, Packaging, Food and Beverage or other related industries.

Example of impact: transform waste into new sustainable energy or create new products that encourage recycling.

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The Product category covers Startups, that have invented a physical and tangible device, that does not fit in Green or Health. Do you have a sketch or prototype of a machine, robot or new component, that can help reduce costs or time for your customers? Do you have a product in different materials for a toaster or perhaps a new toothbrush? Could the product be used in industries such as customer products, manufacturing, production or automation? Then the Product category is for you.

Example of impact: create innovative devices that clean our oceans or support the marine ecosystem.


The world is becoming more digitalised. The category of Digital consists of ideas which are not a specific green or health purpose. Do you have an idea for a new platform or that could make it easier for customers? Then this category covers everything from software as a service, financial services, and new platform in all industries.

Example of impact: create the bridge between groups that support vulnerable professions with their customers.


Here are the criteria:

This is what the jury will judge the Startups' business plan on
The percentage is the "weight" of the final score.

  • Has the team identified a relevant customer pain? (9.09%)
  • How creative and innovative is the idea? (9.09%)
  • Did the team find a solution, that has a social or environmental impact? (27.27%)
  • Has the team presented a credible business model? (9.09%)
  • Does the team have a plan for future implementation? (18.18%)
  • What is your overall impression of the idea? (27.27 %)

Application Steps

Apply here

Check out last year's National Startup Competition!

Testimonials from participants

  • “Winning Venture Cup was a huge boost for Blue Lobster. Both in terms of the exposure and contacts we gained through the program, as well as the capital to expand our team at a very early stage of our company. To this day, stakeholders refer to our performance in the competition as an impressive milestone – a credit to the reputation Venture Cup has cemented in the Copenhagen start-up community. Finally, meeting the other founder and sharing the experience has created some long-lasting friendships and camaraderie – something that shouldn’t be taken for granted during the entrepreneurial journey.”

    “Blue Lobster”
    Overall Winner and the winner of Digital NSC19
  • “Being awarded as winner of the Green category was an important recognition at an early stage. It gave us a boost of confidence and helped build credibility for applying for additional funding for the development of our solution. The award show was also a great opportunity for network building. Here we first met Mikael, who today is one of our most important and engaged advisors.”

    Green winners of NSC19
  • “Wow! What a Ride. Where to start?. Steep learning curve. Ruthless feedback. Great opportunity to grow.
    I just loved it.

    CEO, Janus Beierholm, VurCur MedTech”

    “VurCur MedTech”
    Overall Winner and HealthTech NSC18
  • The Venture Cup competition was an amazing experience for us, and a great opportunity to get introduced to the Danish start-up ecosystem. Through the competition we made many valuable contacts that helped us to grow our business, and we met so many inspiring mentors and entrepreneurs that we’re still in contact with today.

    “Octarine (former Viridian Bio)”
    Greentech winners of NSC18

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