National Startup

Set your mark on tomorrow. We know that as a young entrepreneur you are devoted to doing a good deed. The world needs you more than ever, so use your skills to communicate your impact on our society.

Who are you?

A startup

You're part of a startup that has at least one team member affiliated to a Danish university.

Beyond idea stage

You're beyond idea stage, but have not landed that million either.

What will you get out of participating?

Besides the honor of being selected as one of the best university startups in the country and the possibly pitch on stage in front of the university startup ecosystem, you'll get access to a world of possibilities that will take you in the right direction with your startup.

Cash Prizes

Extensive Network


Access to a
Digital Bootcamp

Access to
the Venture Cup Experts

Feedback from
business professionals

Visit to the Innovation Centre
in Shanghai

Participation in the
University Startup World Cup
in China

Top 20 of 2020

This year's category winners of the National Startup Competition.

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Aalborg University (AAU)

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Aarhus University (AU)

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Aarhus University (AU) | Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

IT University of Copenhagen (ITU) | Copenhagen Business School (CBS) | Roskilde University (RUC)

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) | Technical University of Denmark (DTU) | Copenhagen University (KU)

Aarhus University (AU) | Copenhagen University (KU)

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) | Technical University of Denmark (DTU) | Copenhagen University (KU)

Esgaard ApS
Aarhus University (AU)

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) | Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Rebel Maps
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) | IT University (ITU)

Molecular Quantum Solutions
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

The Categories

Venture Cup has the right to put you in a different category if we decide that it's a better fit.
Get inspired by how each startup in the four different categories can create impact.
But also remember that impact can be seen in many ways.

Read about the four categories to determine which category your startup fits in.


How can we optimize human’s health? The category Health covers everything from medical processes in the health sector or platforms that generate more awareness of diseases and symptoms among the general population. In other words, if your purpose is to save more lives or create better well-being, you have come to the right place.

Example of impact: improve the current medicinal instruments for hospital personnel to provide care for more patients.


Our world is changing and people are changing with it. What can we do to make our planet better for future generations? The category Green consists of ideas that make our planet and society become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This could for example be in industries of Energy, Recycling, Packaging, Food and Beverage or other related industries.

Example of impact: transform waste into new sustainable energy or create new products that encourage recycling.


The world is becoming more digitalised. The category Digital consists of ideas which are not a specifically green or health purpose. Do you have an idea for a new platform that could make it easier for customers? Then this category covers everything from software as a service, financial services, and new platforms in all industries.

Example of impact: create the bridge between groups that support vulnerable professions with their customers.


The Product category covers startups, that have invented a physical and tangible device, that does not fit in Green or Health. Do you have a sketch or prototype of a machine, robot or new component, that can help reduce costs or time for your customers? Do you have a product in different materials for a toaster or perhaps a new toothbrush? Could the product be used in industries such as customer products, manufacturing, production or automation? Then the Product category is for you.

Example of impact: create innovative devices that clean our oceans or support the marine ecosystem.

Here are the criteria:

This is what the jury will judge the Startups' business plan on. The percentage is the "weight" of the final score.

Application Steps

You submit your online application through the YouNoodle platform containing:

  • Basic information about your startup and team members
  • A business plan of max. 3 pages written in English.
  • Optional- a 4 minute video about your startup
For inspiration and overall guidelines, see a template here.
At least one team member must be able to participate in the final Award Show (September 2nd) with a 4-minutes pitch + pitch deck.

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