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Five questions to mentor Lizanne Svane

Lizanne Svane

Lizanne Svane is the founder and CEO of Tubus Technology – TubusOne and is now part of our Startup Mentors as a mentor for the startup Obtek. Lizanne has participated in our National Startup Competition, University Startup World Cup and our Startup Mentors program with her own startup, and we’re very excited that she has chosen to give something back by being a mentor for a startup.

We’ve asked Lizanne five questions that you can use as inspiration:

What are your goals and mission?

My goal is to make a positive (noticeable) difference in people’s lives no matter the cause and to always listen to what users have to say. My mission is to never stop moving forward in life and to always be curious and ask questions.

What keeps you motivated to achieve your goals?

To see the small successes, to celebrate them, and to listen to the happiness (joy) from the people I work with makes it all worthwhile! 

What is the best startup event/program/accelerator/e.g. you have ever been to and why? 

“Taking the current situation of my company at the time in consideration, I must say Danish Tech Challenge 2018. Without DTC I wouldn’t have been where I am today.

What are the best startup advices you have received or given others?

“Never stop moving and always be curious and ask questions, but also remember to kill your darlings”

What are the best startup movies/books/role models you can recommend to others? 

I recently heard the book “Shoe Dog” about the founder of Nike, Phil Knight, and there are so many parallels to draw to my own company and to the process that I have been through. I can definitely recommend to listen to the book. You will immediately learn that there are successful people out there who have struggled with the same idiotic things as you have only it’s in another time or place.

Phil Knight started producing his own shoes relatively late in his process – his first company was over 10 years old I think, but he met the same obstacles as I did and as I can see everyone who produces things in the east have met or will meet. Today, of course everything is different since we have the internet and a more hypercomplex digital world but culture is still the same and language barriers are still the same. A delightful book to read or listen to.

A side-recommendation from me is also to find a role-model with a personal character that you like and learn how he or she makes decisions. Also look into companies that are doing great in different areas, learn from them and try to manage your own company with those small traits you have picked up on the way. There is no true manual to do YOUR business – you’re responsible for showing the way! Make an effort to learn how you would like things to be.

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