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Five questions to mentor and judge Troels Keldmann

Troels - Collage

Troels Keldmann is the Business Development Interim at Keldmann Healthcare A/S who is helping companies innovate and commercialize. Troels has participated as a mentor in our program Startup Mentors during the spring 2019 and as a judge evaluating finalists for University Startup World Cup 2019. We’ve asked Troels five questions that you can use as inspiration.

What are your goals and mission?

“Utilize my skills and experience to help ambitious companies to exploit their potential for innovation and commercial impact. I really enjoy creative exploration of partnership opportunities to accelerate development and commercialization.”

What keeps you motivated to achieve your goals?

“The inspiring continued flow of talent, technology, opportunity and ways to challenge state-of-the-art.”  

What is the best startup event/program/accelerator/e.g. you have ever been to and why? 

“In my view, the best impact of accelerators and programs is when the start-up’s scope and team is defined, mature and hungry – and matches the specialization of the accelerator. In my view there is not a “best” but instead a “best fit”.”

What are the best startup advices you have received or given others?

“Keep searching for the unique and defendable offering – where you are ahead. Be able to answer the question; What will the World be missing if we do not succeed? This clarity will ease making other decisions.”

What are the best startup movies/books/role models you can recommend to others? 

“Many valuable resources are available, and it is inspiring to receive flows of information like subscribing to CB Insights. An older book I revisit from time to time is; Zero-to-IPO & other fun destinations, written by David Smith. It inspires to consider alternative pathways for a company to succeed.”

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