Rules and Resources

All teams must have at least one person who is a student, faculty member, or recent graduate (within the last calendar year) from one of the Danish universities (AAU, AU, CBS, DTU, KU, RUC, SDU, ITU) at the time of submission. Full-time foreign students and diploma students are also welcome to apply as long as they otherwise comply with the rules.


Note that this does not include HHX, HTX and Gymnasium-level students, Business Academies, Maritime educational institutions, University colleges. Please refer to our sister organization, Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.

Participants should possess the intellectual rights to their idea and it must not be considered “stolen”. Scientists from public institutions must pay attention to Law 347.

If your university owns the patent or the research your idea is based on, you need to explain in your plan how you will handle this situation. For instance, has the university agreed to let you exploit their patent in this way? Are they willing to sell you the patent?

All teams must have at least one person who is a permanent resident of Denmark. This includes residents on temporary student visas.

You are allowed to participate in the same competition a following year, IF
you have developed your business considerably since you last participated.

We highly recommend you to follow this business plan template, that also covers the guidelines for the video pitch.

You should aim for a business plan (IN ENGLISH) that is 3-4 pages in length for National Startup Competition. The jury is not required to read more than the maximum of 4 pages. Venture Cup has the right to disqualify business plans exceeding the maximum length. 

Submissions must be in PDF file format, no more than 10MB file size, and clearly stating your business idea in the file name. You also have the option to upload a video along with your business plan to optimise your chances.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • A4 page (210 x 297 mm)
  • Right/left margin: 2.5cm
  • Top/bottom margin: 2.0cm
  • Recommended typefaces: Times New Roman, Helvetica, or Courier in font size 12

Members of the jury, mentors, and Venture Cup staff have all signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

If you are still worried about the protection of your idea, then use general terms and avoid discussing the specific technical parts that can be patented, while still being able to convince others that your idea is good.

… information on their development during and after the competition when requested by Venture Cup. Examples of this include submitting surveys, testimonials, interviews and being part of our alumni network.

At least one person must attend our Semifinals 2-3. of June 2021 and the Finals Award Show in Copenhagen on 25th of June, 2021.

In case of doubt, the Venture Cup Denmark management team makes the final decision in regards to any of the above rules.

Any personal data relating to you gathered by Venture Cup Denmark in the registration process and during the competitions will be recorded internally, but not shared with any third parties. This will be in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more about how Venture Cup handles your information in our Privacy Policy.

The winning teams must claim the prize money within one year of winning the competition.