What can I use a Springboard® for?




A Springboard® is your opportunity as a startup to receive qualified feedback from business professionals and experts.

  • You spend 15-20 minutes presenting your startup including business plan and the specific challenge that you want "the board" to discuss. The panel can ask clarifying questions.


  • The panel - or your new board - will spend app. 1.5 hours to debate your situation and challenges and provide you with feedback and advice to further strengthen your business. The panelists will challenge each other and use their experience to come up with the best solutions.


  • During the discussion, they will mention your startup as their startup and use the words "our" and "mine" when talking about challenges to make the situation as real as possible. You are present in the same room, but are not allowed to participate in the discussion.

The Springboard® will be filmed so that you can always go back and listen thoroughly to the good advice.


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