Startup Competition Finalists 2015

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Our team is working full speed ahead with planning the Startup Competition 2015. This is the biggest event of the year for us and we are committed to create an unforgettable event for everyone involved.

  • Final will be held June 19.
  • Ingeniørforeningen, IDA, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, DK-1780 København V

The stakes are high this year. 18 teams are competing in six categories for 25,000 DKK. One winning team is going home with 225,000 DKK in cash to start their company. We are very impressed and proud of all the finalists this year and would like to congratulate all the teams below:


And the finalists are…


Cleantech & Environment

Charon Biotech – CBS/KU

  • Charon Biotech provides innovative technology that will increase yields and reduce the cost of production of biomolecules for the food and base chemical industries. The production of biomolecules depends on genetically modified microorganisms but the molecules often remain trapped within the cells. This results in lower yields and high production costs. Charon Biotech can solve this problem using a technology based on membrane transporter proteins, which was developed by Professor Nour-Eldin at Copenhagen University.

Ecological Disposal Systems – DTU

  • With environmental regulations and requirements for offshore dumping of sediment waste being continually tightened, the dredging industry is facing rising costs. EDS has a patented solution for environmentally friendly offshore dumping, which is also a new way of using otherwise useless waste for offshore and coastline construction projects. EDS therefore provides a way of using waste to lower costs dramatically in offshore facilities, by turning trash into treasure.

Cre8 Aarhus – AU

  • Madspil(d)et is an entertaining and educational board game that aims to reduce food waste by changing the norms and behavioural habits of the younger generation in boarding schools and primary schools.



Life Science & MedTech

Clickflow – KU

  • ClickFlow has developed a low-tech medical device to reconnect injured blood vessels end-to-end.

U.Prev. – DTU

  • U.Prev. aims to create real-time measurement devices to prevent ulcers in residents of nursing homes. Ulcer treatments cost health-care systems several millions each year. The plan is to transfer the idea to hospitals once the first products have been used in nursing homes.

Backup – DTU

  • Backup is a seat monitoring system to prevent long-term back problems for drivers and chauffeurs. It will reduce the number of sick days, thereby reducing costs for the transport industry.



Mobile & Web

iHavn – KU

  • “Kom sikkert i havn”


  • We Are the Faces is an ecommerce platform that produces capsule fashion collections in collaboration with key opinion leaders.

Bikematch – SDU

  • Bikematch is an online platform that makes it easy to find a new bike, while also helping local bike retailers strengthen their business.




YoooWe – CBS

  • YoooWe is a global, online peer-to-peer and business-to-consumer surfing, skiing and snowboarding platform for equipment rental and teaching services. YoooWe allows you to find gear, good teachers, unique locations and enables the creation of friendships across the world, in a safe, friendly and efficient environment.

Wamooz – CBS

  • Wamooz provides courier solutions with an economical approach, based on maximizing the use of existing car journeys. While people are driving from A to B, why shouldn’t they take along some courier packages that need to be moved along the same route? Wamooz will match the courier requests with the cars on the road, and find the most effective solutions.

KidUp – SDU

  • KidUp is an online sharing platform for children’s equipment, which parents can use to meet the needs and wishes of their children.



Product & Technology

Bifrost – DTU

  • Broadband internet usage is doubling every year, but the bandwidth of current networks is reaching its limit, and establishing new fibre infrastructure is extremely costly. Bifrost’s technology solves this problem by increasing bandwidth fourfold and the reach of fibres tenfold, using only off-the-shelf components. This technology reduces the implementation costs of a fibre-to-the-home infrastructure and boosts the performance of existing installations.

GPC Photonics – DTU

  • Current laser marking solutions need to move over each pixel individually, repetitively tracking back and forth. GPC LightShaper’s patented technology dynamically reshapes a laser beam into any imaginable pattern at a rate of more than 60 Hz. By creating an entire mark in one burst and marking several items at once, the GPC LightShaper easily fits into existing production lines and will speed up marking substantially.

Sensohive – SDU/KU

  • Sensohive has developed a cheap, flexible and durable communication system that makes it possible to gather data that was previously very difficult to collect. There is an easy-to-use overview for the end user. Wireless sensor systems can have any number of measuring points and there is a cloud solution for multiple markets.



Social Entrepreneurship

Crowdmove – AAU

  • Crowdmove gathers people’s opinions on products and services about different companies that are part of the platform. Businesses can manage their profile through the online platform and there is a mobile app that people can download and use to share their opinions. This data is sold to the companies, and we use most of the revenue to support good causes.

Picasso by Social Health – DTU

  • Picasso – a health-care intervention – is a questionnaire that identifies the barriers in medication adherence by individuals with a chronic condition. The hypothesis behind Picasso is that by addressing the barriers in medication adherence through a patient-centric approach in collaboration with doctors and other health-care providers, medication adherence by patients will improve. Adherence is a global problem with real implications for health and significant costs for health-care systems.

TubusOne – AAU

  • TubusOne is a low-tech invention built solely to create an online bridge between disabled people and the rest of the world. Its main goal is to serve developing countries.



A big thank you to all the teams that applied – we hope to see you all for the final on June 19!
Feedback for the non-finalists will be released after the final on June 19.

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