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Structure of a 6 months mentorship
Apply to the program by describing your startup/idea and select what you need help with from a mentor. The matching is based on your preferences and the mentor’s preferences. During your 1st. meeting with the mentor, you decide whether you want to begin the 6 months, relation-driven mentorship. You and your mentor are free to agree on the collaboration structure that fits you best. Venture Cup will provide you with tools to get started on a successful mentorship.
Expectations & requirements
  • The team is actively working on their business or idea
  • At least one member of the startup team is currently enrolled at a Danish university or has graduated within the previous calendar year
  • Submit business plan and 5 short progress logs
  • Find answers to all your questions in our F.A.Q.
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Choose your preferred type of mentoring
Expectations & requirements
  • Engagement in your mentee startup
  • For Strategic Mentorship, allocate 2-4 hours for mentoring each month
  • Be a successful entrepreneur OR have more than 4 years of relevant business experience
  • Respond to surveys – Startup Mentors is a data-driven program, your feedback is valuable and needed
  • Find answers to all your questions in our F.A.Q.
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