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Startup Mentors Events 2019

Co-hosted with our partner Danske Bank Growth


Batch 2 Fall 2019 in Aarhus - Sign up here! 

Graduation of Aarhus Batch 1: October 8, 15.00 - 17.00

Mentor Training: October 8, 17.00 - 21.00

Matching Event: October 9, 16.00 - 20.00


Batch 2 Fall 2019 in Odense - Sign up here!

Graduation of Odense Batch 1: November 5, 15.00 - 17.00

Mentor Training: November 5, 17.00 - 21.00

Matching Event: November 6, 16.00 - 20.00

How does it work?

Phase 1 - Complete Online Application

Startups and mentors have to fill out a Podio application form online in order to be a part of the Startup Mentors network. Based on the information provided to us, we will then establish 6 annual Matchmaking Events in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense. With the goal to facilitate, introduce and match both parties to each other. And engage in 6-months mentorships.

Phase 2 - Sign up for Matchmaking Event

Once you as either a startup or a mentor officially have signed up through the online Podio application form, you will then receive a welcome email with all necessary information.

Now all you need to do is fill out which of the 3 Matchmaking Events in spring 2019 that would fit your interest. Sign up for those and more information will follow.

Phase 3 - Attend Matchmaking Event

Startup Mentors host 6 Matchmaking Events throughout 2019. 3 events in spring in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense, and then again another 3 events in autumn in the same three cities.

VERY IMPORTANT: In order for you to get matched with a startup or a mentor, it is particularly important that you attend the Matchmaking Events. This is the only way you can be matched, as we no longer do manual matching from our office in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.

At all 6 Matchmaking Events, we will make sure that you as a startup or a mentor will get sufficient amount of time to talk and get to know each other well. Both startups and mentors will pitch and introduce themselves, whereafter a semi-structured matchmaking session will begin.

Phase 4 - Six Months Mentorship begins

At the end of the Matchmaking Events, both startups and mentors note down a top 3 list on who they would like to work with. Based on those 3 prioritized wishes, the Startup Mentors team see if there is any matches. If indeed, a mutual interest is created, we then engage both parties in a 6-months mentorship.

It is expected that both startups and mentors respect each others time and effort, hence the signed Code of Conduct, and that they mutually spend in average anywhere between 3-6 hours together on a monthly basis.

Phase 5 - Graduation Party + Access to Deals

The Startup Mentors team only facilitate the 6-months mentorships, so it is expected that both startups and mentors themselves arrange the meetings throughout the process. We are of course always just a phonecall or an email away, so do reach out if you experience any challenges with your mentorship.

At the end of the 6 months, a Graduation Party will be arranged, meaning both startups and mentors, will be invited to exchange experiences and receive their certificate diploma and access to 10+ exclusive deals with our Startup Mentors partners.

Phase 6 - Apply for 50.000 DKK in Grants

After your 6-months mentorship is terminated and you have attended the Graduation Party, you can now apply for 50.000 DKK in grants. We have a total amount of 2 x 50.000 DKK each year that will be awarded to those startups who has been achieving the best results during their mentorship.

All you need to do is send in an application of 2 pages, where you on the first page describe the outcomes of your mentorship, and the second page explain what you will be using the grant for. An expert jury panel together with Hempel Foundation and the Startup Mentors team will then screen and select the two lucky winners of 2 x 50.000 DKK in grants.

10 tips for a successful mentoring relationship

1.  Commitment

Prioritize your time and invest your energy

2. Define expectations

Clarify your goals and expectations

3. Mutual trust

Define ground rules and the need for confidentiality

4. Transparency

Share your positive and negative experiences to learn from them

5. Be reliable

Be honest, respectful and keep appointments

6. Be prepared

Show your motivation and accelerate your learning

7. Communicate

Stay in contact and use many modes of communication

8. Experiment

Explore, be innovative and remain open to new ideas

9. Pay attention

Listen well and reflect on what you hear

10. Two-way learning

Make time and space for mutual learning

An insight into the challenges of participating in a mentoring program like Startup Mentors


Startup Mentors Partners

Complete the program and get access to exclusive deals with our partners

  • A unique chance to win 2 x 50.000 DKK in grants sponsored by Hempel Foundation. See above for more information
  • 3 hours IP audit with AWA
  • 2 hours legal advisory with MWB Law
  • 2 hours free consulting with Danske Bank Growth
  • 2 hours free consulting with Væksthus Copenhagen
  • Free access to Springboards through Connect Denmark
  • 20 hours free 1:1 mentoring with Sparringspartnerne
  • 24 months free access to Podio
  • 1 halfday valuation and funding workshop with Eteq Venture
  • 2 hours counselling on prototype development with Teknologisk Institut
  • 4 hours workshop session on growth marketing with Abel
  • Free access to legal assistance through Commercial Legal Aid (Erhvervsjuridisk Retshjælp)
  • 3 hours consulting on funding strategy with Innovayt
  • 12 months free access to accounting with Billy for 1 DKK
  • 2 hours free strategy meeting on commercialization with Eventive
  • Free bestseller book, "Entrepreneur", by Lars Tvede & Mads Faurholt-Jørgensen
  • 30 % discount on Graduateland
  • 6 months free access to Project & Resource Management with Forecast
  • 12 months free license to the digital platform + 2 hours free RAW Go-to-market strategy
  • A unique chance to pitch your  idea in front of a group of serious business angels from DanBAN. Out of the startups who finish their 6-months mentorship, only a selected group will get access
  • 1 free ticket to TechBBQ (only for CPH startups)

Hempel Foundation

KMP + House of Mentoring


Danske Bank Growth

Vaeksthus Copenhagen

Connect Denmark




Danish Technological Institute







Lars Tvede & Mads Faurholt

Raw concepts


Danish Business Angels


Erhvervsjuridisk Retshjælp

Startup Mentors Community

IT University of Denmark

University of Copenhagen

Aarhus University

Aalborg University

Copenhagen Business School

Technical University of Denmark

University of Southern Denmark

Startup Odense

Studenterhus Aarhus

Startvækst Aarhus


Techstars Startup Weekend Odense

Coworking Plus

Odense Iværksætter Service


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