The Universities

Venture Cup and the Danish Universities

Venture Cup is an association of the Danish universities and together, we work to promote, inspire and develop university startups. Almost all universities have their own startup programmes, and we strongly encourage everyone to make use of them.

The force of Venture Cup is to identify the startups and serve as a link between the different universities and promote the university startup ecosystem!

We allow for startups to test their idea at competitions like our, National Competition or World Cup. Venture Cup also provides a Mentoring program for startups.

The University of Southern Denmark

SDU Entrepreneurship Labs is the hub for student startups at the University of Southern Denmark. The hub incubates over 100 startup teams, with students from all five faculties, across campus cities in Odense, Kolding, Slagelse, Sønderborg and Esbjerg. With a team of 9 Business Developers, we offer sparring and support in developing the businesses of tomorrow.

University of Copenhagen

At UCPH we have three hubs; SCIENCE Innovation Hub, SUND Hub and KU PLUS which are for all UCPH's students and the projects and ideas they are working with - regardless of educational background. In the hubs we believe in interdisciplinarity and therefore external students from other universities can also apply for admission, as long as they are part of a team that consists of at least one student from UCPH. 

Aalborg University

Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University (SEA) has been the home base of Entrepreneurship at AAU since 2003. Our mission is to support, facilitate and motivate to knowledge-based entrepreneurship at AAU with the purpose of creating entrepreneurial skills and mind-set among especially students, to uncover entrepreneurial potential and to help our start up teams get the best chance to grow into successful businesses.

Copenhagen Business School 

CSE - Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship - has more than 280 start-ups through its five programs annually. The programs are for early-stage and growth start-ups and are both curricular and extracurricular. CSE are for students at all Danish universities.

Aarhus University

AU Incubator was founded in 2009. Since then, AU Incubator has formed the framework for what Aarhus University has to offer students who want to work to become entrepreneurs while they study. Our offer includes access to office and meeting facilities, counselling and networks which, combined, provide the framework for working to develop and run a professional business.

IT University

ITU Innovators is a community of aspiring entrepreneurs at ITU, working together to create a better environment for students to connect, find inspiration and learn how to use technology to solve problems.

Technical University of Denmark

DTU Skylab is the innovation hub located at DTU, Technical University of Denmark. They focus on enabling student innovation and entrepreneurship through three focus areas: student innovation, company collaboration and academia.