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The best university startups from around the world come together to network, exhibit and pitch for a chance of becoming the world's best university startup! In 2020, the World Cup is hosted by Venture Cup China in Wenzhou, China on October 17th - 20th 2020.

August 14th - Announcement of the finalists

Community of the best
university startups

Venture Cup Denmark hosted the first University Startup World Cup back in 2015 with startups from around the world and has been running ever since. Despite reaching millions of readers worldwide, meeting some of the largest companies in Denmark and winning significant cash prizes, one of the most remarkable things about the World Cup is the international network that the participants achieve.

The goal with University Startup World Cup is to feature the best university startups from around the world, give them a network and help them grow.

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About the University World Cup 2020

The World Cup will take place in Wenzhou, China, on October 18th - 20th, and it will be a great opportunity to meet key players from the Chinese ecosystem, including investors, entrepreneurs, companies and other student startups. A total of around 60 of the best university startups will participate and we promise that it will be defining moment for your startup.

As a participant,
who are you?


If you are being represented by a country partner, they cannot be a co-founder within the team, but mentorship is allowed.


You classify as either early stage or growth stage (see the definitions in FAQ).

Be Part
Of Network

You want to be part of a network of international student entrepreneurs.

of Startup

You're part of a startup with two co-founders and one of them has to be affiliated to a university.

Key Players

You see the possibilities in meeting with key players from the Chinese startup ecosystem.

What will you get out of participating?

You will be invited to join around 60 other startups to meet and greet with Chinese investors, companies, and tech experts. You will be part of a network that you can use long after the University Startup World Cup if you need contacts on a specific market, scalability advice or a couch to crash on when traveling the world!

Sounds pretty amazing, right? And we haven't even mentioned the honor and promotion that go hand in hand with being awarded the world's best university startup! Previous years, we've reached millions of readers worldwide via articles and social media.

How do you apply?

See the four categories below and determine in which category your startup fits.

There are four categories for each early stage and growth stage, with a total of 8 category winners and 2 overall winners. Only 2 members per startup is allowed to attend.


green tech


smart city

Country Partners

Venture Cup Denmark works closely with several Country Partners around the world. These are usually Universities or organisations that focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and startups. The Country Partner will get promotion from Venture Cup Denmark through our website, social media channels, and on some print materials. They will also be invited to attend the event, where accommodation and some food will be covered. See a list of our current Country Partners under 'Partners'. If you are interested in becoming a country partner, click the button below.

In return, the Country Partner will agree to nominate at least 3 teams from their country. The teams will still need to go through the application process. They will also promote the event on their own channels.

University Startup Worldcup Winners 2019

Overall and Social Winner



University of Toronto York, Canada
We tackle the language barrier in health care using technology.

Category Winner



Malmö University, Sweden
A new, innovative alternative for soy-based food products.

Category Winner



University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Preventing catheter associated urinary tract infections with UVC light.

Category Winner



RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Empowering people to sustainably manufacture affordable prostheses for everyone.

Informative Materials


Most frequent questions and answers
University Startup World Cup 2020 will be in Wenzhou, China.
Competitors should not assume any right of confidentiality to any information presented or discussed in public sessions. Please be aware that members of the media, potential competitors, and members of the financial community may attend public sessions. All judges, jury and VC staff sign a confidentiality agreement.

By participating in the competition, competitors agree that Venture Cup assumes no liability and shall have no liability or obligation whatsoever for disclosures of information provided by a competitor as part of a submission or otherwise during the course of the competitions.
Click this link and fill out the form, a team member will get back to you.
Yes, we call university partners, country partners. All you have to do is email our project manager at [email protected] to see if you qualify.
Early Stage
All 4 category winners will receive 1000 USD each
Overall winner will receive 15,000 USD

Growth Stage
All 4 category winners will receive 1000 USD each
Overall winner will receive 15,000 USD
Application portal will be open as of Feb 20th and will be closed on June 14th 2020. All teams must submit their application through the YouNoodle platform.
Country partners are allowed to attend the event and both accommodation and local travel will be covered. Flights to China will not be covered by Venture Cup Denmark of China.
Only 2 people per team are allowed to attend the finals. One of the Founders must attend the finals.
Application deadline: June 14th

Judging round: June 16th-25th

Online interviews: June 25th – July 5th

Announcement of finalists: July 15th
The organisation behind University Startup World Cup is called Venture Cup Denmark.

Venture Cup Denmark is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of helping students fulfill their dreams and try the life as an entrepreneur.
We offer development programs and host several annual startup competitions.

Read more about Venture Cup Denmark here.
1. Must be a current student or have graduated within 2 years.
2. Must have at least 2 co-founders on the team.
3. Only 2 members per startup are allowed to attend the event.
4. A country partner cannot be a co-founder with the team but mentorship allowed.
All participants are responsible for applying for their own VISA. We will write the letter you need for your application but the rest is up to you.
There is no entry fee. There is a flight grant offered for qualified startups and accommodation is covered by our host, Venture Cup China.
• Focused on product development and market research
• Product is introduced to early beta customers for testing and feedback.
• Typically cash-constrained and seeking its first outside investors through family, friends, and angel investors.
• Small team that is looking to add competencies and resources.
• Established product/concept which has successfully tested its initial market and learned where and how to move next.
• May be cash flow positive and introducing its product into tangential markets.
• Has had initial investment and is looking to initiate new rounds of funding.
• Solid team with competencies and resources to execute on the Business Plan.
• Has a patent, patent pending or other means of protecting the business model.
• Has a scalable business model and is actively looking to scale.
All startups will receive up to 1000 USD to support their travel costs. In order to receive reimbursement, teams must attend the event, and afterwards they must submit original flight receipts in their name. Flight money cannot be used for any other members. Accommodation and internal transportation in China will be 100% covered.

Some food will be provided during the events, otherwise all other food will be at your own expense.
All teams must have at least one university student as a Founder or Co Founder. One of the Founders must attend the finals.
Announcement of all finalists will take place July 15th, 2020.

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