University Startup World Cup

The Best 40 University Startups focused on Impact from around the world come together from October 30th to November 1st 2019 to network, exhibit and pitch for a chance to win $15,000 USD.

UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are the backbone of this year’s University Startup World Cup!

On November 1st, we will celebrate University Startup World Cup Award Show. Here, the category winners will pitch to become the winner, and the SDGs will be put on the agenda through interesting keynote speakers. See the full program and grab your free ticket below.

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Community of the best university startups worldwide

Sustainable Development Goals

University Startup World Cup has been running for five years. Our goal is to feature university startups from around the world that are making an impact. That's why we've made sure to incorporate the SDGs within the foundation of our program.

As a finalist, startups receive $1,000 USD. In order to receive the grant, startups must fully complete the application process and attend the finals from October 30th to November 1st. 

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Sustainable Development Goals

The implications of not meeting the SDGs have real-world consequences that will touch the lives of everyone. Youth in particular will suffer the most if the SDGs are not met, simply due to the reality of longevity. The fact is not meeting the SDGs is our problem, so involving and motivating youth to participate in achieving the SDGs is essential – especially given the high proportion of youth populations around the world, such as in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Testimonials from the University Startup World Cup

Laava Tech, Estonia - USWC 2018 Winner

"The week in Copenhagen was very inspirational – full of new ideas, knowledge and amazing people. And we are extremely grateful to the USWC team for all the help and support that they have been providing all though the event. University Startup World Cup pushed our team to reach new limits."

Laava Tech, Estonia - USWC 2018 Winner

Tekuma, Australia

"We loved meeting teams from across the world particularly those working on hardware! The week was a great mix of worthwhile activities to network with company mentors, work on our pitches and expo our company."

Tekuma, Australia

Sunthetics, U.S.A.

"University Startup World Cup was our first competition outside of our university so we didn’t know what to expect! But in a short week, we had enough feedback to completely redesign our pitch, fine-tune our presentation, and were able to meet professionals in our field with valuable thoughts on our startup, willing to help us in the long run. It was an amazing launchpad of an experience overall."

Sunthetics, U.S.A.

RAB-Microfluidics, UK - USWC 2017 Winner

"The University Startup World Cup isn’t just a platform to showcase your business, establish networks and compete in a competitive environment. It is an opportunity to make lasting friendships and establish impactful business links that have the capacity to forge the future. It is an experience."

RAB-Microfluidics, UK - USWC 2017 Winner

University Startup World Cup Finalists 2019

Logy.AI Team


Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India

Artificial intelligence in diagnosis of diseases.

R8Tech Team


Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Estonia

Web-based AI-driven HVAC optimizing software for real estate managers and operators

CHECkuP - Cognitive HealthCare Platform Team

CHECkuP - Cognitive HealthCare Platform

Technical University of Kosice, Slovakia

Providing the highest quality of healthcare for everyone by using cutting-edge technologies.

BioSeaTech (BST) Team

BioSeaTech (BST)

University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD), Portugal

 Industrial production of Salicornia and their transformations, without sodium chloride.

Sandcastles Team


University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Sandcastles is developing a housing solution for informal settlements of South Africa, curbing the spread of fire, improving hygiene and ameliorating the housing crisis

Medeers Team


Superior University, Pakistan

Galvanicon is a device to detect emotions of fully paralyzed & disabled people who are not able to communicate.

MacGlas Team


Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland

A novel vision aid for the western worlds leading cause of blindness - Macular Degeneration.



University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Romania

Remote Kinetotherapy with Worldwide Online Monitoring

RE-Leaf Team


Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, Ukraine

We offer patented, environmentally friendly, renewable raw materials - the leaves fall as an analogue of wood. Our technology allows you to make paper and save forests from felling.

Urban Food Network Team

Urban Food Network

Marquette University, United States

Promoting sustainable cities with organic, Non-GMO, healthy produce, grown right in your city by neighbors who care

NeJo Team


Catholic University of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo

An air flight taxi that reduces C02 emission and time consumption.

VioBac Team


University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Preventing catheter associated urinary tract infections with UVC light

Blue Lobster Team

Blue Lobster

Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

We empower small-scale fishermen sell directly to local consumers.

Dianox Team


IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark

300 million people suffer from hepatitis. Our mission is to reduce this number to zero with a diagnostic biotechnology.

Paragit Solutions Team

Paragit Solutions

Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

A new wearable diagnostic sleeve combined with machine learning software for quantification of Parkinson’s symptoms

Growbox Team


Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States

We are creating the next revolution in the agricultural industry with a more sustainable, healthier and more transparent food production system.

AC Biode Logo

AC Biode

The University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

The first-ever standalone AC (Alternating Current) battery by "Biode".

AMaPro Team


RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Empowering people to sustainably manufacture affordable prostheses for everyone.

Medified Team


Tampere University, Finland

We are transforming depression treatment with dynamic monitoring software for healthcare professionals.

SecondLight Team


RWTH Aachen University, Germany

We give candles a second light by recycling old candle wax while giving people with disabilities an inspiring task.

MotoEcycle Team


Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Germany

MotorEcycle reuses old two-wheeled vehicles by converting them to electric drive in order to offer an opportunity to enter electromobility with reduced waste.

Lupinta Team


Malmö University, Sweden

A new, innovative alternative for soy-based food products.

AgileCare Solutions Team

AgileCare Solutions

Michigan State University, United States

At AgileCare we're building mobile software solutions that bring connectivity, community, and care to the senior home health industry

Ligence Team


Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Lithuania

Ligence is developing an automated 2D echocardiography software to help clinicians save time with AI.

Nüdel Team


Queens University, Canada

nüdel makes the foods we love better by infusing algae into staple foods; creating convenient, delicious, and nutrient rich meals.

Recycoal Team


RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Making green charcoal from agricultural waste.

Peak Coffee Processing

Peak Coffee Processing

North Carolina State University, United States

We invented a system to filter coffee wastewater into clean water and fertilizer.

OrganyClean Team


Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Green and sustainable cleaning hygiene products, by using natural’s power resources instead of using bad chemicals.

Olive Branch Team

Olive Branch

Brandeis University, United States

Olive Branch Pictures is a media platform engaging in conflict resolution using collaborative animated storytelling

Own The Future Team

Own The Future

Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

We are a technology company that specializes in the development, preparation and application of graphene, combined with Internet+ and Smart

SDU Eagles Team

SDU Eagles

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Developing a highly efficient, autonomous flying platform to perform humanitarian aid deliveries.

Elevate Team


University of Waterloo, Canada

Elevate is a game based E-Platform that empowers individuals with cognitive disabilities to become active members of society.

EntricEnergy Team


University of St. Thomas, United States

Entric is a rural electrification and mini-grid company with a mission to provide cost effective, clean and reliable electricity to unserved and underserved communities in Nigeria and other sub-Saharan Africa countries.

Sounce Team


Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine

“Sounce” is an application that is intended to translate from the language of the deaf-and-mute into English.

Visionary Labs Team

Visionary Labs

Technical University Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Insight about your Eyesight

Aquacubes Team


Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Germany and Stockholm Business School, Sweden

Aquacubes enables everyone to grow their own fresh fish in their backyard.

Green Time Team

Green Time

Hebei University, China

With the purpose of purifying and improving indoor air, the company takes the photocatalyst developed by itself as the core technology to create a series of photocatalyst products with high efficiency.

Silk Joint Team

Silk Joint

Fudan University, China

We are the global exclusive silk protein artificial bone and ligament consumables manufacturer.

Health-Bridge Team


University of Toronto York, Canada

We tackle the language barrier in health care using technology.

CytoNiche Team


Tsinghua University, China

Architects for cells: experts in 3D manufacturing of high-quality cells.

USWC Week 2019

October 29


16:00 to 18:30


Amaliegade 3, 1256 København

  • Networking with local industry experts
  • Speakers on sustainability

October 30


13:45 to 18:30

Copenhagen School
of Entrepreneurship

Porcelaenshaven 26,
2000 Frederiksberg

  • Registration and open networking
  • Startup talks and the SDG's
  • Mentor meetings
  • Speak by Tania Ellis
  • Speak by Mark Buchanan
  • Speak by Fatime Selimi
  • Social event at Nexus

October 31


8:15 to 18:00

Danish Technical

101D, Anker Engelunds 1,
2800 Kongens Lyngby

  • Startups exhibit at HighTechSummit
  • Semifinals
  • Welcome by Marianne Thellersen
  • Speak by Ditte Lysgaard Vind
  • Speak by Roberto Flore
  • Social event at Kayak bar (optional - discounted drinks)



13:30 to 18:30

Copenhagen School
of Entrepreneurship

Porcelaenshaven 26,
2000 Frederiksberg

  • Final award show - four startups will pitch for a chance to win $15.000
  • Keynote by Chris Luebkeman
  • Keynote by Katherine Richardson
  • Debate panel lead by Ari Johnson
  • Keynote by LaavaTech
  • Afterparty from 21:00 (free drinks)
All events are subject to change


Tatsiana Zaretskaya

Tatsiana Zaretskaya

Laava Tech

Topic: "Winning USWC in 2018"

Speaking: 16.50 - 17.05, Nov 1. 
at the Awardshow

Click above to read more

Tania Ellis

Tania Ellis

The Social Business Company

Topic: "Sustainability"

Speaking: 15.05, Oct 30.
at Welcome & Business Access

Debate: 15.25 - 16.10, Nov 1.
at the Awardshow

Click above to read more

Katherine Richardson

Katherine Richardson

University of Copenhagen

Topic: "Sustainability"

Speaking: 14.25 - 14.40, Nov 1. 
at the Awardshow

Debate: 15.25 - 16.10, Nov 1.
at the Awardshow

Click above to read more

Chris Luebkeman

Chris Luebkeman


Topic: "Sustainability"

Speaking: 13.40 - 13.55, Nov 1. 
at the Awardshow

Debate: 15.25 - 16.10, Nov 1.
at the Awardshow

Click above to read more

Ditte Lysegaard Vind

Ditte Lysegaard Vind

Lendager Group

Topic: "First UNI7 village in Denmark"

Speaking: 9.30, Oct 31. 
at HighTechSummit

Click above to read more

Roberto Flore

Roberto Flore

DTU Skylab

Topic: "Foodtech & foodwaste"

Speaking: 9.45, Oct 31. 
at HighTechSummit

Click above to read more

Mark Buchanan

Mark Buchanan

practicaleyes ltd

Topic: "Whole brain leadership"

Speaking: 15.05, Oct 30.
at Welcome & Business Access

Click above to read more

Ari Jonsson

Ari Jonsson

Reykjavik university

Topic: "Sustainability & tech"

Leading debate: 15.25 - 16.10, Nov 1.
at the Awardshow

Click above to read more

Fatime Selimi

Fatime Selimi

Develop Diverse

Topic: "Sustainability"

Speaking: October 29.
At Networking Session

Click above to read more

Fatime Selimi

Kristjan Jespersen

Copenhagen Business School

Debate: 15.25 - 16.10, Nov 1.
at the Awardshow

Click above to read more


Debate Panel

Ari Jonsson Picture

Ari Jonsson

Debate Moderator

Debate Moderator



Debate Participant

Kristjan Jespersen


Debate Participant

katherine Richardson Picture


Debate Participant

Tania Ellis Picture


Debate Participant


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