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Venture Cup Challenge 2017 – Deadline November 28, 23.59!

Win money prizes to make your idea happen and the opportunity to be among the most promising high growth potential teams who are awarded with Startup Booster worth 200,000 DKK!!

The competition is for everyone! If you just thought of an awesome idea or if you have a business plan, you should apply and receive valuable feedback.

–  For all university students with a dream of becoming entrepreneurs

–  We help teams develop through pitch training at the pitch camp

–  Pitch towards a professional jury – 7 category winners in all

–  The chance of becoming both category winner and main winner!

Important dates!

  • November 28: Deadline for submitting 

  • December 16: Announcement of finalists

  • January 17: Pitch camp for all finalists

  • January 26: Award show

How to submit

1. Choose your category

Once you have written your business plan, you should have a clear idea of what category your plan belongs to. Industry experts will read, rate and provide vital feedback based on their category insight so choosing the right category is important for both jury and participants.

We will screen all business plans to make sure that you have entered it in the correct category. You can apply with several ideas in different categories. However, you cannot submit the same idea in more than one category.

The 5 categories:

  • Mobile & Web: Apps, web services, search engines, augmented reality, near field communication, etc.
  • Product & Devices: Traditional products & devices, inventions, designs, services, hardware, etc.
  • HealthTech: Healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical drugs & vaccines, medical devices, biomaterials, advanced medical therapies, etc.
  • GreenTech: Environmentally friendly, recycled products, energy efficiency, waste management, pollution reduction, etc.
  • IndustryTech: New scientific methods, industrial equipment, advanced computer electronics, robotics, nanotech, etc.

Do you have an idea within social entrepreneurship?

If your team has an idea or startup with social impact and a business model that incorporates elements of social entrepreneurship, you can add specific info while submitting in our system and thereby also compete for this year’s Social Entrepreneurship Award. Teams will have their submission reviewed by a specially selected Social Entrepreneurship jury consisting of experts in the field.

Read about the definitions and framework of social entrepreneurship here

2. Choose the right stage



3. Submit your business plan

4. Checklist before applying

  • You and your business plan comply with the rules
  • Your business plan is ready and contains the relevant areas of interest explained here
  • All contact info on all team members should be clearly stated in the business idea and in our online competition management tool (the site where you upload your business plan)
  • Make sure your business plan is saved as a PDF of max 10MB and named after your business plan

5. Apply

All applications are handled securely by our online competition management system.

Once you click “Submit here” a new window will open for your application. You must register a profile, fill out all the required information, upload the PDF (and a video if you are active stage) to our online competition management system, then you will receive a confirmation e-mail for a successful upload.

Note: The upload may take a few minutes, so please be patient and only click the submit button once.

What’s in it for me?

For the past 16 years, we have worked to help and inspire young entrepreneurs. With more than 10.000 teams and 4 international offices under our belt, Venture Cup is one of Europe’s largest and most trusted non-profits aimed at helping make startups happen. Supported by the Danish universities and some of Denmark’s most innovative companies, we provide support and the right mindset to help you succeed.

Some of the key challenges we can help you with:

  • Cash Prizes: DKK 25,000 to the best idea in each category. The Idea Stage categories are awarded DKK 10,000
  • Network: Meet serial entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and industry experts
  • Startup Booster:  A package of services  including all the help you need as a startup awarded to each of the 25 most promising high growth potential teams. Each package has a value of DKK 200,000
  • Feedback: Get early and vital feedback from our jury or apply for a mentor
  • Training: Learn to pitch, prototype, network, and write a business plan
  • Experts: We facilitate contact to advisers and mentors to help you reach the next level