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We are very impressed and proud of all the finalists this year and would like to congratulate all the teams below:

And the finalists are…


AirVita Global

Airpollution is now the biggest environmetal health risk (WHO). AirVita provides you with significantly cleaner air and a longer, healthier life.

KU – University of Copenhagen


Bio-products from almost nothing!

KU – University of Copenhagen


Our solution is to create an ICT solution of web and mobile platform to control and monitor energy consumption at home, which also has some other functionalities. We will start with electricity as the final form of energy. Our innovation also exists mainly in the uniqueness of our business model that has a sustainability profit

DTU – Technical University of Denmark


Micro Carbon Batteries to miniaturize hearing aid devices

DTU – Technical University of Denmark


DARE Therapeutics

DARE Therapeutics is putting your world in focus again by developing superior next generation treatments for age-related eye diseases. This new therapy aims to prevent the advancement of disease, by hindering the growth of new leaky blood vessels in the eye, that would otherwise lead to vision loss and eventual blindness in the affected patients.

CBS – Copenhagen Business School


Translocation of blood gas samples

SDU – University of Southern Denmark

Obicor AB

“Making diagnostics easy”

KU – University of Copenhagen

OSAA Innovation

We have developed a unique, fully patented, mobile IV solution that is 100 percent mechanical, safe and environmental as plastic is made out of reusable material. Instead of elevating and attaching the drip bag with fluids or drugs to one of hooks of the IV pole, you place the designated drip bag in our IV-GO box.

RUC – Roskilde University | KU – University of Copenhagen | DTU – Technical University of Denmark


Hallex Exchange Systems

Hallex Exchange Systems enables decentralization of capital markets through blockchain technology by providing a trust-less trading system for digital assets with the speed of regular exchanges, but at much lower commission rates compared to those offered by existing centralized brokers.

CBS – Copenhagen Business School | DTU – Technical University of Denmark


We are developing new nano-designed catalyst layers for a sustainable energy solution. We can achieve what seemed unreachable: a perfect cata

KU – University of Copenhagen


Want a better match for hardware and software in Voice Recognition? VibeVase is testing the leading providers for your company to find the best solution based on scientific data collection.

ITU – IT University of Copenhagen

Mobile & Web – active stage


FTW monitors influencers’ profiles on Snapchat and Instagram Stories, medias where content only last for 24 hours. Our job is to record all mentions of our clients’ products and provide them an edited video with the results, saving their time and making sure they won’t miss anything.

AU – Aarhus University


We bring the freedom of the sea into the harbors. We do this by digitalizing marinas.

CBS – Copenhagen Business School | KU – University of Copenhagen

Enjoy popular music without interruptions. Simply vote for your favorite songs and watch democracy unfold. Ourdio is a new and smart way to listen to music with friends. Everyone can add songs to the mix. The song with the highest vote gets played next. Yup, it’s that simple.

DTU – Technical University of Denmark


SOS Hug is innovative solution for dealing with the daily struggles related to eating disorders. The app is centered around the concept of an SOS button, that allows the creation of an immediate support network and understanding interaction between patients and volunteers. SOS Hug tackles the dimensions of loneliness  and of practical need of immediate response in a moment of crisis.

RUC – Roskilde University

Mobile & Web – idea stage

Eat Like A Local

“Eat Like A Local” an App that allows people visiting a country or a place to connect directly with locals and order food or beverage from them. The idea is to help people have a true local experience when visiting a new place and the best way to do so is to have locals offering them the food that they eat themselves on an everyday basis.

KU – University of Copenhagen | Other


A digital platform for industrial designers allowing them to make better and quicker materials selection for their products!

DTU – Technical University of Denmark | AAU – Aalborg University | Other


Slopemates is an online platform connecting ski instructors and skiers for a better and cheaper ski guiding experience.

CBS – Copenhagen Business School


ViaVenio is a meta-search engine that scans global flight prices using a special algorithm. We help by hiding the consumers location to correct for the geographical price discrimination of airline companies and ticket providers.

SDU – University of Southern Denmark | Other

Product & Devices – active stage

Kosmos Living

Kosmos Living is a marketplace for Chinese social media agents in search of overseas authentic lifestyle brands and a sales channel and a promotional tool for remote markets of Nordic SMEs. We operate somewhere in between a BtC and BtB market with online influencers as freelance sales representatives of new introduced lifestyle products and provide them the right digital marketing contents to achive sales through their social media.

KU – University of Copenhagen

Male Fertility App

Male Fertility App will empower men to take control of their sperm quality, to improve natural fertility rates world wide. We will educate and guide men and couples to increase their chances of having a baby without undergoing years of expensive fertility treatments.

KU – University of Copenhagen


Imagine a world without passwords…

DTU – Technical University of Denmark | Other


Automatic monitoring system for the surveilance of farrowing sows in order to detect problems during the farrowing process and thus prevent piglets from suffocating in the birth channel.

SDU – University of Southern Denmark

Product & Devices – idea stage


BlackBoxEfx is an online programming environment that compiles PureData (Pd) code to our stand alone hardware device. Our online community allows users to share their work and help each other learn more about coding, digital signal processing and one another. BlackBoxEfx enables people to create electronic instruments and effects online and then bring them out into the world leaving their laptop safe at home.

AAU – Aalborg University


Cree is an innovative hands-free crutch that provides more freedom and mobility.

SDU – University of Southern Denmark

Steel Ashfalt

Ny type asfalt, der reparerer sig selv, sænker benzinforbruget og på 45 dage kan reducere CO2-udslippet lige så meget som en vindmølle på ét år.

DTU – Technical University of Denmark

Suits by Anaïs

Revolutionizing women’s professional wear by providing mass-customized suits and by creating a culture around female business attire.

CBS – Copenhagen Business School | Other

Join us for a day of networking and celebrating student entrepreneurs in Denmark.

Our team is working full speed ahead with planning the Venture Cup Challenge 2017. This is one of the biggest events of the year for us and we are committed to create an unforgettable event for everyone involved.

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  • Final will be held January 26, 2017.
  • SDU Cortex Lab, Cortex Park 26, Odense M – DK-5230

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