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We are very impressed and proud of all the finalists this year and would like to congratulate all the teams below:

And the finalists are…

Service Innovation


Connecting foreigners learning Danish with elderly people.

KU – University of Copenhagen

TimberNest Freemium

TimberNest Freemium is an interactive social furniture offered on subscription. First, we are creating value for our partners by providing social furniture to the area. Second, we are creating value for our customers by providing an innovative platform for advertising.

SDU – University of Southern Denmark


ALTIRI’s mission is to provide students with transparent and reliable insights and data about their peers, so they can make great decisions about their career.  By providing students with quantitative data and insights about what their peers are doing, how they are ranked compared to others and which profiles recruiters are reaching out to, students will be able to enhance their chances of making the right career decision.

KU – University of Copenhagen


Do you have a dream job? Do you want to be the best version of yourself? Try ROUTE and be on your way. We will help you create your own route that will not only help you satisfy your own inner potential but also helps you see what are the options to acquire new skills and what are the trends on the job market.

AU – Aarhus University

REstart Refugees

REstart empowers refugee entrepreneurs through locally crowdsourced investments.

AAU – Aalborg University

Forming Fathers of the Future

The business uses a freemium premium model to connect fathers to resources and a community that will inspire men to take paternity leave, while learning and having fun in the process.

SDU – Southern University of Denmark

Product & Devices


Easing the navigation for international travelers, by offering an app with indoor maps of all the big international airports.

SDU – University of Southern Denmark 


Applaus is selling discounted last minute tickets for music, theatre, talks & movies and collect data from all ticket vendors, and gather them in the largest cultural calendar in Denmark.

CBS – Copenhagen Business School

Alps & Newton’s Ski

The idea is to produce skis where rigidity and structure would change depending on skiing, and when the snow is changing. The ski has incorporated a layer of a non-Newtonian polymer inside the core.

DTU – Technical University of Denmark


Turn any place into a rehearsal room. ZenVocal develops a product that allows singers to practice at home or while traveling without disturbing others.

KU – University of Copenhagen



Users are dismissing coins and banknotes, but at some unmanned sales locations, they still use coin acceptors, because upgrading the old payment
system is too expensive. AirWallet does it for free.

SDU – University of Southern Denmark

Investment Funnel

The Investment Funnel is an educational simulation tool that assists students, researchers and investment analysts to find, analyze and make better investment strategies – in a free, easy to use environment.

DTU – Technical University of Denmark


Creditro is a Danish Fin- and RegTech startup. We specialize in business information, credit assessments, anti-fraud, and anti-money laundering.

AU – Aarhus University


MinPenge is an integrated platform that collects all relevant financial and transactional info of a user, reduces and transforms this info into a daily overview. Combined with a call to action daily, the user is prompted to grow this into residual income through various wealth building channels.

AAU – Aalborg University | CBS – Copenhagen Business School | KU – University of Copenhagen


Our solutions will reduce the cost of money transfer between users and businesses by removing most traditional intermediaries from the payment equation.

SDU – University of Southern Denmark | Copenhagen Business Academy

Crowd Activism

Crowd Activism is a digital donation-based crowdfunding platform, connecting activists – who need financial support in order to dedicate their time fighting for good courses – with potential donors, who want to support good courses, yet they also want to be sure that their donation is being used for something meaningful.

CBS – Copenhagen Business School | SDU – University of Southern Denmark



Life-Science company developing a topical drug delivery method for herpes that requires only a single use.

CBS – Copenhagen Business School | DTU – Technical University of Denmark

VenomAid Diagnostics

VenomAid Diagnostics presents a solution for rapid diagnosis of victims bitten by medically relevant snakes.

DTU – Technical University of Denmark | KU – University of Copenhagen


We bring cheap, effective personalized medicine into the field of cardiovascular surgery.

DTU – Technical University of Denmark | KU – University of Copenhagen | RUC – Roskilde University

Sehat Labs

THEA is an intelligent, interactive platform with a modular software design, capable of decreasing the burden on the healthcare sector professionals while saving money and lives. THEA offers a better and easier way for patients to report symptoms, sickness or routine information to their respective doctors/nurses.

SDU – University of Southern Denmark

Boom Boom Heart Beat

Boom Boom Heart Beat enables bluetooth pacemaker patients to monitor their own pacemaker activity.

SDU – University of Southern Denmark



Klimato is a tool that precisely calculates and represents CO2e-emission of foods, enabling organizations to build a good environmental profile whilst giving transparency to their consumers.

CBS – Copenhagen Business School


Co4Cat developed a cost and resource efficient technology to prepare nanoparticles with enhanced performances compared to state-of-the-art. Co4Cat technology thus bears significant economic and ecologic advantages.

KU – University of Copenhagen


Microplastic-free world for everyone.

SDU – University of Southern Denmark

Brewer’s Spent Grains

The company will ensure proper utilization of brewer’s spent grains as a novel food resource. Presently, quality spent grains from beer brewing is wasted as animal feed. With a novel drying technique, Brewer’s Spent Grains will upcycle this vast resource as a food ingredient.

DTU – Technical University of Denmark | KU – University of Copenhagen


Our idea is to grow a glucose-based material by tapping into nature. This leads us to the so-called nanopaper, a material with properties that are unachievable using conventional approaches and that can replace plastics in countless applications.

AU – Aarhus University

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  • Final will be held January 16, 2018.
  • SDU Cortex Lab, Odense