Venture Cup Alumnis

We've had more than 17,000 university students through our programs.

Venture Cup has existed since 2000, and we've had more than 17,000 university students through our programs. Many no longer exist, many of the previous participants have become entrepreneurs or employees in different companies and some have managed to scale their ideas into scale-ups and large enterprises.

Common to them all: They're part of the Venture Cup family and many of them devote time to inspire and teach the new generation of university students about entrepreneurship. For us, the most important thing is that we're able to inspire and support entrepreneurship - in all shapes


New treatment options for orphan protein-misfolding diseases


Compare banks, mortgage loans and consumer loans


Upgrade the way you study



Possibly the most comfortable high heels in the world


Ruby Cup

The little menstrual cup that makes a big difference



Matches horse owners & renters, creating communities both locally & globally.


Denmark’s best app for pocket money and payment


Previously (Penstable) Sustainable company pension


Previously (PLINTHIT) Revolutionary parasol bases


Previously (GenieBelt) a real-time construction software



Digitalising and connecting the world’s marinas and boaters



Catalyze conversion from chemical to biological production of natural ingredients.



Building trust within peer to peer transactions.

Wholi Foods

Previously (Dare to Eat) natural, healthy snacks powered by Insects.


Labster’s virtual labs engage students with science

Gasgon Medical

Developing new products that aim to support medical staff and deliver improved patient outcomes.

Choose your Future

Enhancing integration of asylum seekers by utilizing digital innovation and social media.


Say hello to digital cash that knows no borders.

Previous Startup Competition Winners

Overall Winner and Green Winner

AQfeed is able to convert unwanted sludge from aquacultures into a high-quality and sustainable fish feed.



DivERS is a startup focusing on developing an integrated IT system to reduce the issues of biases during the recruitment process and successfully automate the shortlisting phase.



Uvisa is an innovative startup belonging to the FemTech category. Uvisa’s main area of focus is tackling numerous issues in women’s health still considered a taboo.

FLID tools


“Being handy has no gender.” FLID tools makes inclusive, aesthetic and sustainable handtools not just for handymen but for everyone.

Overall Winner and Digital Winner

Subreader is a welfare tech platform that helps dyslexics by reading the subtitles out loud on movies and TV-shows, this allows them to participate in the world of movies on equal footings with everyone else.




Climaider helps you understand how much carbon you omit, where this carbon comes from and then they help you remove or avoid the same amount of carbon.



Healper is the first booking platform where you are matched with a psychologist that fits your personality and mental health challenges.



LifeBoard® by WeConsider is a safety solution with an innovative rescue equipment that ensures a fast and safe swimming rescue.

Overall Winner and Digital Winner
Blue Lobster

Blue Lobster is an app that facilitates sales between fishermen and local consumers, allowing local-sourcing of seafood everywhere.
A portable hot plate that stores solar energy for clean cooking in refugee camps.
Paragit Solutions 
A new wearable diagnostic sleeve combined with machine learning software for quantification of Parkinson’s symptoms.
A social media that connects like-minded gamers.

Overall Winner and HealthTech
VulCur MedTech

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Copenhagen University (KU)
VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on chronic wound healing.


Viridian Bio

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Viridian Bio produces high-value plant-derived molecules ia yeast fermentation using renewable, non-petrochemical derived substrates, can be CO2 neutral, and produces molecules that are regarded as ‘natural’.

NextGen Logistics

Lynx Sight

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Lynx Sight productises visual inspection solutions, changing this from being an expensive and labor-intensive consultancy-driven industry and lowering the cost, while maintaining profit margins.

Service Innovation
Swap Language

Aarhus University

Swap Language is a peer-to-peer platform that offers personalised 1-on-1 language learning from native speakers.

Product & Devices
Inniti IVS

Aalborg University
Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Our solution is an IoT-based, distributed, modular system that allows you to customize your flow control system, and collect your measurements on the cloud.

Overall Winner and HealthTech

University of Southern Denmark (SDU)
3D Bone Printing


Aalborg University (AAU)

This invention relates to UV-reactor instrument for cold pasteurization of liquid food products.


Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

We want to build Denmark’s first digitally native pension company exclusively based on sustainability and impact investments

Mobile & Web
Limelight Music
Limelight Music will make it easier for musicians and listeners to find each other – our algorithm automatically pairs them based on the listener’s music taste.

Product & Devices

Aarhus University (AU)

PLINTHIT creates base systems for any kind of vertical objects starting with our revolutionary parasol base, that uses our patented locking system which makes it possible to tightly fit any parasol size.

Overall Winner and GreenTech

Klenergy – DTU
An efficient & innovative “thermo-electrical” storage solution

Life Science & MedTech

Siren Care – CBS
Healthy lives start with healthy feet

Mobile & Web – Active stageArt Stream – DTU
ArtStream helps patients recover faster

Mobile & Web – Idea stage

Trucker – KU
Matching need for transportation with unused resources

Product & Technology – Active stage

MyGrow – AU
Scalable, IoT, cloud services, personal greenhouse structure

Product & Technology – Idea stage

Fresh Veggies – AAU
Computerized vertical farm using no soil


OBi Plus – AAU
The HomeKit for cars

Social Media Award Winner

Golden Arc – KU
Robust food sensor detecting moisture and toxic compounds

Alumni Battle and Silicon Valley Trip Winner

Bringing Pro to every level of football

Overall Winner and Services

YoooWe – CBS
Online peer-to-peer and business-to-consumer surfing, skiing and snowboarding platform for equipment rental and teaching services.

Cleantech & Environment

Ecological Disposal Systems – DTU
EDS provides a way of using waste to lower costs dramatically in offshore facilities, by turning trash into treasure.

Life Science & MedTech

Clickflow – KU
ClickFlow has developed a low-tech medical device to reconnect injured blood vesselsend-to-end.

Social Entrepreneurship

TubusOne – AAU
TubusOne is a low-tech invention built solely to create an online bridge between disabled people and the rest of the world.

Mobile & Web

Bikematch – SDU
Bikematch is an online platform that makes it easy to find a new bike, while also helping local bike retailers strengthen their business.

Product & Technology

Sensohive – SDU/KU
Sensohive has developed a cheap, flexible and durable communication system that makes it possible to gather data that was previously very difficult to collect.

Overall Winner and Cleantech & Environment

TychoBio manufactures high-value biological compounds that are used in numerous products such as medicine, artificial sweeteners, perfumes etc.

Life Science & MedTech

Metagenomic mining – novel molecules for the treatment of viral diseases.

Mobile & Web

LevelUP is an easy and affordable tool to collect statistical information about football players and prepare instant reports.


Online marketplace for sponsorships, helping the right sponsors and sponsees find each other.

Product & Technology

Velocatr is a cheap tracking device and bicycle light, powered by induction, creating and communicating through a “mesh network”.

Social Entrepreneurship

Roots Food
Providing the best nutritional superfood solution to the developed market, through a sustainable practice, creating livelihood and nutrition to poor farmers in the Philippines.

Overall Winner and Cleantech & Environment

SBT Aquatech
SBT Aquatech will develop and produce sensors that are able to continuously detect bacteria in drinking water to supply the water industry with an unprecedented quality control system.

Life Science & MedTech

BalancAir offers a drug free, fast acting and efficient treatment of seizures, hyperventilation and migraine through the use of a novel, lightweight, medical mask.

Mobile & Web

Quick Inspect
Quick Inspect is a professional site inspection tool on the iPad, for easier and more efficient inspection.

People & Society

Lendino is a P2P lending platform that allow small businesses to finance themselves cheaper and easier.

Product & Technology

The PLASMARC is a new type of coating treatment that cleans surfaces of engineering materials before applying paint, glue or coatings – improving the quality of coatings and paint.

Overall Winner and People & Society

Ruby Cup
Ruby Cup is a menstrual hygiene product for girls and women in developing countries, which is reusable for up to ten years.

Cleantech & Environment

Biosyntia will enable the transformation of the chemical industry towards a bio-based future by providing high performance microorga-nisms to chemical manufacturers.

Life Science & MedTech

CTS Wristband
The CTS Wristband helps people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome develop muscle memory for correct hand position.

Mobile & Web

The pocket-sized WindSensor and the application WindShare provides instant, shareable knowledge of the wind at a very competitive price.

Product & Technology

Optical Accelerometer
Optical Accelerometer has developed a cost-effective way to reduce wind turbine maintenance costs.

Previous Idea Competition Winners

Overall Winner and GreenTech
Brewer’s Spent Grain – DTU, KU
The company will ensure proper utilization of brewer’s spent grains as a novel food resource.

Sehat Labs – SDU
THEA is an intelligent, interactive platform with a modular software design, capable of decreasing the burden on the healthcare sector professionals while saving money and lives.

Aryze – SDU, CBA
Our solutions will reduce the cost of money transfer between users and businesses by removing most traditional intermediaries from the payment equation.

Service Innovation
TimberNest Freemium – SDU
TimberNest Freemium is an interactive social furniture offered on subscription.

Product & Devices
ZenVocal – KU
ZenVocal develops a product that allows singers to practice at home or while traveling without disturbing others.

Overall Winner and HealthTech

OSAA Innovation – RUC, KU, DTU
We have developed a unique, fully patented, mobile IV solution that is 100 percent mechanical, safe and environmental as plastic is made out of reusable material. Instead of elevating and attaching the drip bag with fluids or drugs to one of hooks of the IV pole, you place the designated drip bag in our IV-GO box.


AirVita Global – KU
Air pollution is now the biggest environmental health risk (WHO). AirVita provides you with significantly cleaner air and a longer, healthier life.


Hallex Exchange Systems – CBS, DTU

Hallex Exchange Systems enables decentralization of capital markets through blockchain technology by providing a trust-less trading system for digital assets with the speed of regular exchanges, but at much lower commission rates compared to those
offered by existing centralized brokers.

Product & Devices – Active stage

Male Fertility App – KU
Male Fertility App will empower men to take control of their sperm quality, to improve natural fertility rates world wide.

Product & Devices – Idea stage

BlackBoxEfx – AAU
BlackBoxEfx is an online programming environment that compiles PureData (Pd) code to our stand alone hardware device.

Mobile & Web – Active Stage

Harba – CBS, KU
We bring the freedom of the sea into the harbors. We do this by digitalizing marinas.

Mobile & Web – Idea stage

MatEase – DTU, AAU
A digital platform for industrial designers allowing them to make better and quicker materials selection for their products!

Overall Winner and LifeScience & MedTech

POC Solutions – DTU & KU
POC Solutions makes it possible to detect diseases better.

Product & Technology

SoundSense – DTU
We at SoundSense help people have the full acoustic experience of their favorite music without damaging their hearing for the long term.

Social Entrepreneurship

Mobilized Construction – AAU
Mobilize and employ thousands of individuals to improve local infrastructure at a fraction of the current cost.

Mobile & Web

DataMine – DTU & KU
DataMine streamlines data services and saves scientists time by using propriety conversion algorithms to provide all the data required.


Trayce – CBS & DTU
Trayce – Simple expense management, just as it should be.

Cleantech & Environment

HP Now – DTU
Cost-efficient environmentally friendly biocide on-site, on-demand.

People’s Choice Award Winner

Tweep – AU
Tweep is a technology platform for reducing accidents between cyclists and heavy vehicles. It enhances the communication between truck drivers and cyclists through devices using radio communication.

People’s Choice Winner and Mobile & Web

Macellum.Dk – AAU
Statistical analysis and visualization of auction prices for use in the fishing industry.

Cleantech & Environment

CHARON Biotech uses a bio-transporter based technology that can help to retrieve biomolecules from biological factories.

Life Science & MedTech

Antag – KU
Antag has developed a novel anti-obesity treatment based on a highly potent inhibitor of a hormone involved in fat accumulation.


Fishtrip – DTU/KU
Fishtrip are creating a “” for anglers, narrowing the gap between sport anglers and the range of products, which are and should be available to them.

Social Entrepreneurship

Donago – AAU
With Donago you can walk, run, bike or even clean your house to support charity. Connect with NGOs that matter to you, and get motivated, healthy, and help make the world a better place.

Product & Technology

Transparent World – DTU
Transparent World introduces a new transparent conductor material to substitute the expensive indium tin oxide used in displays, touchscreens and solar cells.

Overall Winner and Product & Technology

Velocatr (SDU/CBS)
The Velocatr is a bicycle light with integrated GPS and NASH7 based on the Mesh Networking concept.

Cleantech & Environment

Nordic Power Converters (DTU)
Nordic Power Converters has invented a cutting-­edge power electronics technology enabling large scale penetration of LED lighting with high energy efficiency.

Life Science & MedTech

NEMdose is a complete pharmaceutical production platform providing automated compounding of personalized swellable dosage forms.

Mobile & Web

LevelUP (AAU)
LevelUP is an easy tool to collect statistical data during a football game.

People & Society

Debito (AAU)
Debito is an online platform for easy debt collection and debtor management, which eliminates the hassle of managing unsettled claims from clients.

Overall Winner and People & Society is a concept consisting of 2 apps and a website, which enables consumers to find all the best offers on foods, and which helps retail stores all over the country to reduce waste and improve revenue.

Cleantech & Environment

RoboWeedSupport will, in collaboration with Crop Protection Online, solve field weed classification in an efficient manner in favor for the farmer, society, and the environment in Europe.

Life Science & MedTech

BioRepeller is a new simple-to-use coating that effectively prevents any protein and cell/bacterial adhesion on technical surfaces and devices.

Mobile & Web

Quick Inspect
Quick Inspect is a professional site inspection tool on the iPad, for easier and more efficient inspection.

Product & Technology

An innovative approach based on state of the art genetics, enabling production of non-naturally occurring fur colours for the exclusive fashion industry.

Life Science & Medtech

NAVINAC is a navigational system for the blind allowing accurate internal visualization of obstacles in the immediate environment, enabling users to navigate freely.

People’s Choice Award

RiboSelect provides pharma companies with novel enzymes faster, cheaper and better.

Product & Technology

Senseye makes it possible to activate and operate a mobile device just by looking at it.

People’s Choice Award
ZymeCoat Solutions develops a transparent enzyme-based coating for algae proofing aquariums and aquarium accessories.

People & Society


BioLab wants to change science education by creating an online laboratory where the students can make tests that aren’t possible in school surroundings.

People’s Choice Award

Active:Copenhagen develops physical training and events that promotes general health.

Mobile & Web

Read It Loud

Read It Loud is a Smartphone app offering everyday reading for people with dyslexia, bad eyesight and poor reading skills in any given environment.

People’s Choice Award is a web-tool that allows you to highlight a specific part of an article and share it with your friends and followers.

Cleantech & Environment


CoolStep is an ultra-high efficiency converter for fuel cell applications.

People’s Choice Award

Re-charged has created a self-charging AA battery.

Applied Technology

Dane Reign
Dane Reign designs beautiful and practical rain clothes for women.

KMM (People’s Choice Award)
Trailer pull with built-in weight distribution mechanism.


Fundr makes it easy to donate money to developers and request fixes and features.

Graduateland (People’s Choice Award) · Europe’s largest career and education portal.


CallCab is a new and efficient way to get a cab by using your smartphone and the dedicated service.

Attivo (People’s Choice Award)
Learning tool for the individual student’s level of intelligence, style of learning, physical stimuli.

Life Science & Medtech

Bucky’o’Zun is a new technology which can protect 99,99% against all UV-radiation making it able to prevent skin cancer and extend the lifespan of various materials.

WiMed (People’s Choice Award)
WiMed invents and develops wireless, diagnostic products to eliminate physicians’ headaches associated with wires and outdated technology.


Innogie wants to develop a highly integrated, aesthetically attractive, and cost efficient roofing solution based on solar thermal power.

B-Toilet (People’s Choice Award)
No More Flushing Water.

University Awards

Voicefit (AAU Award)
VoiceFit is a voice training software that increases the awareness of the voice, using the voice as game control combined with audio-visual feedback.

Teori & Praksis (RUC Award)
Teori & Praksis is online/offline community for knowledge sharing and conferences in Copenhagen.

Tryg-puden (SDU Award)
Tryg-puden creates safety in the home of elderly.

Bucky’o’Zun (AU Award)
Bucky’o’Zun is a new technology which can protect 99,99% against all UV-radiation making it able to prevent skin cancer and extend the lifespan of various materials.

WiMed (KU)
WiMed invents and develops wireless, diagnostic products to eliminate physicians’ headaches associated with wires and outdated technology.

Stella Cancaris (DTU) 
Stella Cancaris developes improved methods of marking tumors in colonic cancer.

Phospho-tag protein purification (CBS) · One step purification technology for recombinant protein drugs.

Applied Technology

Super Light Structures – CBS, DTU

Super Light Structures developed a weight reducing technology for load bearing building structures.

People’s Choice Award

IDM Hoods from SDU has developed a range hood which operated automatically, without the need for buttons or manual settings.

Services – AAU
Their concept is a website which facilitates IT support among ordinary people and their IT savvy friends.

People’s Choice Award is a portal where customers can meet and gain better prices by buying together.

Life Science & Medtech

MalariTect has developed a technology which can diagnose immunity towards malaria medicine.

People’s Choice Award

eQui has developed rehabilitative equipment for patients who have suffered brain hemorrhage.


FutureCad is a digital software solution providing visual overview of building information.

People’s Choice Award

SocialzingU is a platform for interactive games.


Blue Power Technologies is a polypower wave technology, a power take-off system aimed for ocean wave energy.

People’s Choice Award

ISCR Company’s technology integrates DCCS solar panels directly into the roof tiles making it possible to sell an integrated solar cell tile.

Previous University Startup World Cup Winners

Early Stage Overall and Social Winner

Skidmore College, USA / Sierra Leone
We are a social enterprise that focuses on addressing the issue of period poverty among young girls in Sierra Leone. Using reusable pads reduces your menstrual footprint. It is not only good for your vagina and reproductive health, but the environment as well.

Growth Stage Overall and Health Winner
HiCura Medical

National University of Singapore, Singapore
Hello to Smarter Care! HiCura Medical Pte Ltd is an NUS spin-off that was incorporated in Singapore in May 2019. We use Artificial Intelligence in healthcare to enable automatic image guidance for medical procedures.

Green Early Stage


DTU – Technical University of Denmark

We upcycle fish manure from aquacultures and use it as a growth bed for algae and aquatic insects in a fully circulated system.

Green Early Stage

Ebb and Flow Keg

Hochschule Geisenheim University

Ebb & Flow Keg is a provider of sustainable packaging solutions in the beverage industry.

Green Growth Stage

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Krilltech is developing nanotechnology-based solutions to increase crop productivity in an economical and  sustainable way. 

Health Early Stage

Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute

An AI-powered therapy chatbot with human-level effectiveness. We are creating an AI-powered friend, to whom one can talk to get emotional support. 


Health Growth Stage
Zhongke Endoscope

Zhongke is an  endoscopic system for intelligent ENT (Ear, nose and throat) diagnosis


Digital Early Stage

Chulalongkorn University

Pinpoint is the most accurate and affordable Map API in Thailand. Cheaper than Google Map API, but providing more precise location data. 


Digital Growth Stage

University of Borås

With Ekkono Machine Learning we turn things around – we learn the normal behavior of the individual unit, to detect when something deviates from that normal.


Social Growth Stage

Michigan State University

SKOOP is a cloud-based digital billboard management software. SKOOP makes it easy to manage the complexities of monetizing  billboard network.

Early Stage Overall and Smart City Winner

Vienna University of Economics & Business, Austria
Epiclay makes urban areas more liveable and healthy for its inhabitants by creating a modular green wall system, which can be implemented easily on facades with as little maintenance as possible.

Growth Stage Overall and HealthTech Winner
Banff Biotech

Ningbo University, China
They created two portable products used for qualitative and quantitative laboratory measurements on-site within 5 minutes. The products are able to quickly identify and quantify volatile organic compounds.

GreenTech Early Stage

Alt Tex

University of Toronto, Canada

ALT TEX is a business-to-business biomaterials company, creating sustainable fabric solutions for eco-conscious fashion retailers and designers.


GreenTech Growth Stage

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Sweden

A proprietary technology to make a plant-based biomaterial that looks and works like conventional (petroleum-based) plastics, but it’s 100% biodegradable, compostable & non-toxic.

HealthTech Early Stage

Bangladesh University of Professionals, Bangladesh

Safewheel has designed a mini three wheel ambulance that costs 1/10th of regular ones and can reach everywhere in the village. With the money needed to buy 1 regular ambulance, we can buy 10 Safewheel ambulances.


Smart City Growth Stage
Infinite Foundry

Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

A 3D digital plant platform for improved production efficiency of any industrial sector. It hosts the precise 3D model of the plant obtained from laser scan to provide an easy 3D gamification experience that drives industrial operational efficiency.

ICT Early Stage
BAG Innovation

University of Rwanda, Rwanda

BAG is a digital platform that uses Gamification to offer a solution for students and recent graduates to access real-time experience-based learning.

ICT Growth Stage

Georgia State University, United States of America

Aurign eliminates inefficiencies in the music publishing supply chain using A.I. and blockchain technology. The algorithms accurately generate publishing agreements and automate the filing process, while keeping a record on the blockchain ledger as a proof of record.

Overall and Social Winner

University of Toronto York, Canada
We tackle the language barrier in health care using technology



Malmö University, Sweden

A new, innovative alternative for soy-based food products


University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Preventing catheter associated urinary tract infections with UVC light


RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Empowering people to sustainably manufacture affordable prostheses for everyone.

Overall Winner and Products & Design
Laava Tech

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
Laava Tech develops artificial lighting systems for greenhouse operators to decrease energy consumption and increase yield. We have developed a combination of hardware and software, which gives each and every plant the perfect growing conditions.



New York University, United States of America

Sunthetics provides an alternative path to manufacture a chemical intermediate for nylon that is emission-free, more efficient, and cost-effective. There are current shortages in nylon intermediates due to increasing demand, complex reactions, and production interruptions. In consequence, there is an opportunity to significantly improve the chemical manufacturing industry with better, more sustainable and modern technology.

FinTech, AI, ICT


Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

imagiCase is working to inspire the next generation of female technologists and increase the proportion of women studying and working in the STEM fields. imagiCase is a phone case with embedded LED lights that can be programmed to display any text, design or color through programming with the imagiCase mobile platform. The platform also provides tutorials of coding concepts guiding the user through the journey of learning to code in a gamified way.

VulCur MedTech

University of Copenhagen, Denmark

VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on wound healing, using a novel combination of existing technologies. Our method of treatment uses laser technology to kill bacteria within wounds, which is a treatment breakthrough.

Service Innovation
Choose Your Future

University of Turku, Finland

Choose Your Future is helping people (such as refugees, students and employees) find the best place to live and integrate them to their new home cities. Our award-winning digital tools enhance different stages of integration processes resulting in a better well-being and reducing costs of various organizations such as universities, cities and companies who are responsible for these new citizens.

NextGen Logistics

University of Technology Sydney & Macquarie University, Australia

Tekuma has built a one-handed six-degrees-of-freedom tactile controller that is intuitive, universal and robust. It reduces the time, cost and personnel required to get the job done. We’ve tested it with over 600 users with drones but our controller also works with robots, submarines, rovers and other devices. We want to improve the way humans interact with technology.

Overall Winner and HighTech

University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Scottish University startup RAB-Microfluidics won the University Startup World Cup 2017 and can now call themselves world champions! The two students have invented a chip which is able to foresee expensive breakdowns in ultra heavy machinery.


Ethico Foods

TTU, Mektory, Estonia

This gluten free, soy free 100% vegetarian substitute for meat could be the next very big thing in sustainable food protein. Looks and tastes almost exactly like minced beef.



Tampere University of Technology, Finland

This Finnish team has succeeded in turning 500 grams of fresh vegetables into 75 grams of easily dissolvable powder, which can be put in sauces, smoothies or whatever you prefer. They claim they will change the way we all eat vegetables.


University of Technology Sydney, Australia

They invented an app which enables entrepreneurs to quickly find a much-needed specialist. Ex: The electrician at a construction site fell sick, and as result 12 builders are waiting around. Three blocks down, an electrician sits in his car swearing, because the key wasn’t where it should be, and he can’t get into the house where he was supposed to work. Recrew’s app helps the two parties finding each other sawing everybody’s day and money.


University of Stavanger, Norway

Disabled and bed-ridden people all over the world suffer from terrible wounds that come from just lying down. In order to prevent it, professional staff has to turn them in bed every third hour 24/7/365. Tidewave has invented a clever mattress that does the turning automatically. This will potentially not only save millions of dollars in paying care assistants during the night hours. It will also save disabled people from having to wake up every third hour during their sleep.

Overall and Mobile & Web


Indonesia, Representing Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, Switzerland
Isara is a Deaf community-center platform that includes an open sign language learning application, an online sign interpreter service, and a crowdsourced Deaf-friendly video subtitle-making tool. Isara offers fair business model by liberating sign language learning so that everyone can easily – and at no charge – take a sign language course made and maintained by Deaf communities. In return, sign language learners with hearing capability can help deaf communities by subtitling videos to make online videos deaf-friendly. In an effort to be a sustainable business, Isara also enables its active users to become professional sign interpreters and/or teachers.



Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Klenergy Helios is an innovative battery which captures the excess production from renewable energy and stores it as the energy carrier of the future: hydrogen. In that way Klenergy wants to be a critical mass in the transformation of our current energy system and its transition to a decentralized, integrated & sustainable energy model for our future.


Marine Nexus

Singapore Management University

Marine Nexus is an online maritime platform that connects vessel providers to vessel procurers. The main aim is to make it as cost efficient for vessel providers to market their vessels and vessel procurers to find the vessel they want.

IndustryTech & Robotics
Nara Space

Yonsei University, South Korea

NARA SPACE was founded by ambitious space engineers and business partners to fulfill their vision to revolutionize people’s daily life via its latest space technologies. NARA SPACE’s vision extends to the earth imagery market essential for humanity. Monitoring the earth from low orbit is crucial but there are some technical limitations which made conventional monitoring system obsolete. The conventional LEO satellite systems have fundamental limitation in observing the earth due to no visual lights or bad weather condition. Therefore, NARA is officially introducing its SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) Cube Satellite Constellation System to make invisible visible via latest technologies.

Lifescience & MedTech

Columbia University, United States of America

CatheCare was created to address the shortcomings of current preventative and management strategies against bacterial contamination. Their easy-to-use, small, and attachable device eradicates 99.9% of bacteria, resulting in lowered infection rates, improved clinical outcomes, and faster hospital bed turnover rates.

Overall and LifeScience & MedTech

Stanford University, United States of America

VesaliusMed LLC. designed and patented cancer-detection software that offers patients accurate, objective, rapid, inexpensive, minimally-invasive and universally-available screening for early diagnosis and improved survival rates. An innovative cancer detection software system invented by Aslan Maleki, 22, Caleb Kumar, 19, and Teun de Planque, 22, students of Stanford University in California, USA.

CleanTech & Environment

Ecological Disposal Systems

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Ecological Disposal Systems has a patented solution for environmentally friendly offshore dumping, which is also a new way of using otherwise useless waste for offshore and coastline construction projects. Therefore, EDS provides a way of using waste to lower costs dramatically in offshore facilities by turning trash into treasure.

Social Entrepreneurship


Aalborg University, Denmark

TubusOne is an assistive technology for disabled people with mobility problems in hands or arms. The product is placed in the mouth, and air pressure actives a stick which works as a digital finger. TubusOne is a low-tech invention built solely to create an online bridge between disabled people and the rest of the world. Its main goal is to serve developing countries.

Product & Technology

University of Southern Denmark, and University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Sensohive has developed a wireless sensor network for large greenhouses. The sensors increase data density and thereby increase air homogeneity to prevent product variations and unnecessary product handling processes. Internal memory enables full supply chain monitoring with automatic data upload after arrival.

Mobile & Web

Federal University of Rio Grade do Sul, Brazil

EasyBox is from Brazil where the amount of cars can make it quite challenging to find a parking space. Therefore, EasyBox was invented. The site works as an AirBnB for cars and garages making it possible for people to rent or lease parking spaces.

2009 and older Winners

Winner of Venture Cup 2008-2009

1. Multiaerobics is an interactive platform developed for specialists in physical therapy. The software allows the specialists to treat their patients from afar using special sensors combined with physical activity.

2. Wölwa Group has developed software for project management costs estimates. The SaaS incorporates historical data to provide accurate estimates early in the project’s life cycle.

3. Immeasure has developed a technology capable of measuring multiple protein concentrations. The technology reduces the diagnosis process from hours to minutes lowering costs significantly and potentially saving lives.

Winner of Venture Cup 2007-2008

1. Immutell developed an innovative method for diagnosing infectious diseases. The team is a collaboration of ASB and researchers from Hvidovre Hospital.

2. Medichanical Innovation introduced a new measuring instrument to increase the success rate for hip prosthetic operations.

3. MP Software has introduced an integrated development environment which makes life easier for web developers working in PHP, HTML and CSS.

Winner of Venture Cup 2006-2007

1. Axon7 (Multicore Solutions) won first prize for their software library, called CSP.NET, aimed at computer programmers. The library makes it easy to program networks of machines and machines with multiple processors.

2. InMold Biosystems is a way to mold a specific pattern of biomolecules into a plastic surface e.g. a petri dish, culture flask or microwell plate. All of them are materials to grow cells onto in the Life Science industry.

3. Mooncean – Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is one of the most notorious infectious pathogens spreading in the hospitals. Mooncean is developing a MRSA detection device that will be accurate, real-time and inexpensive.

Winner of Venture Cup 2005-2006

1. RSP Systems won first prize for their unique needle-free glucose measuring method, which especially helps people with diabetes.

2. Vinzyme has developed a new method for controlling fungi and its byproducts in wine production, making the taste and bouquet of red wines easily adjustable.

3. Polycan is a nanotech project which have developed a method to determine the presence of an arbitrary virus in less than 10 seconds.

Winner of Venture Cup 2004-2005

  1. Flex Acoustics(AQStix) – Flex Acoustics has developed an inflatable panel that alters the acoustics in a concert hall to make it more suitable for Rock and pop music.

  2. NIL Technology(Nanomask) – Nanomask provides state of the art nanotechnology solutions for the manufacturers of integrated electronics.

  3. Health Equipment DenmarkThe product HEDclip is simple, but solves an annoying problem; it fixes tubes and needles when patients is giving blood or is in dialysis.

Winner of Venture Cup 2003-2004

  1. INAGEN has created a novel method of developing new forms of therapies against viral diseases. The technology utilizes a “self targeting” capability that occurs in the natural defense mechanism of the specific disease to target and kill infected cells.  

  2. Sapio Systems’ revolutionary patent pending Intellego technology takes computers to a higher level by enabling them to read and understand knowledge described in text. With Intellego’s comprehension of knowledge, Sapio Systems enables its customers to shorten their time to market and create new, useful products.

  3. Oddlabs produces games for an unutilized segment of the computer games market, by using in-house developed technology.

Winners of Venture Cup Øresund 2002-2003

1. Replisaurus (Swedish Team) – Advanced technology within semiconductors metallization.

2. MESH Technologies – MESH Technologies is developing a set of techniques encapsulated in software that allows for optimal utilization of cluster-type supercomputers achieving the best price/performance ratio for high-performance/scientific computing customers.

3. MedOx (Swedish Team)

Winners of Venture Cup Øresund 2001-2002

1. Sententia Medical AB (Swedish) – Founded to develop and market less invasive sutureless products for Mitral Repair and Replacement, based on its own proprietary technology. A technology that will facilitate fast, reliable and less invasive open chest mitral valve surgery as well as total endoscopic mitral repair and replacement.

2. Blindsight Aps – Blindsight has developed a technical device to help blind people by guiding them in their surroundings.

3. Pulmox (Swedish) – An individually customized system for increased safety in the diving industry.

Winner of Venture Cup Øresund 2000-2001

3Shape is a globally operating hi-tech company specializing in the development of integrated hard- and software solutions for the creation, processing, analysis and management of high-quality 3D data. Since partaking in Venture Cup, 3Shape has won several prizes and competitions, among them Innovation Prize at Ernst & Young and Denmark’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

NHHT Startups



Developing a new and innovative male contraception method for couples around the world. It doesn’t hold hormones, it doesn’t require surgery.


Polaris Proteins

Developed a new expression system, based on a cold-adapted bacterium, that offers simplified production of difficult-to-express proteins, including increased solubility and more active enzymes.


VulCur MedTech

VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on chronic wound healing.



Provement is a digital evaluation and communication tool that helps clinicians individualize childhood obesity treatment.



ArionidaPro AS is planning to extract the slug slime as a raw material for possible applications as medicinal patches, moisturizing and anti-aging creams, natural lubricants



Lugnoru solves the stress management issues of customers by visualizing the stress and making them more stress conscious.



TresActio makes biotechnology research faster and more efficient by digitizing early stages of the strain screening pipeline – adding automatic control and collecting data at


Selective Humans

Provides a solution to scan the barcode of pre-packed food and food supplements to identify and select or avoid selected ingredients in a fast and


Insight Academia

Insight Academia is a revolutionary search engine able to show what is hidden in the scientific panorama.