Venture Cup Alumni

Unity Technologies

Taking the pain out of game development.


Dental Scanners & CAD/CAM Systems


Europe’s largest career portal for students and graduates


Compare banks, mortgage loans and consumer loans

Too Good To Go

Fight food waste, save great food


3D Bone Printing


Upgrade the way you study


Possibly the most comfortable high heels in the world

Ruby Cup

The little menstrual cup that makes a big difference


Debt collection made easy


Wireless sensors and IoT solutions


Matches horse owners & renters, creating communities both locally & globally.


Denmark’s best app for pocket money and payment


100% Sustainable Alternative to Pension

Circular Food Technology

(previously Brewer’s Spent Grains) Release the full potential of brewer’s spent grains.  


(previously PLINTHIT) Revolutionary parasol bases


Real-Time Construction Software and Mobile App


New treatment options for orphan protein-misfolding diseases

Snowminds Apparel

Ski instructor apparel


Digitalising and connecting the world’s marinas and boaters


Sustainable Waste Bins for Festivals & Events


Catalyze conversion from chemical to biological production of natural ingredients.


Bikes for a better world


Building trust within peer to peer transactions

OSAA Innovation

Creators of IV-GO

Limelight Music

Where music finds you

Wholi Foods

(previously Dare to Eat) Natural, Healthy Snacks Powered by Insects.


The future of hydrogen tech


A New Standard in Infection Control


Permitting point-of-need analysis


Revolutionizing turning of patients

Gasgon Medical

Developing new products that aim to support medical staff and deliver improved patient outcomes.

HOOBOX Robotics

The world’s first face-controlled wheelchair

Choose Your Future

Enhancing integration of asylum seekers by utilizing digital innovation and social media.

Haiti: Hands on

Sustainable Youth and Community Led Development

Previous winners of Venture Cup Competitions

Previous Startup Competition Winners

Overall Winner and HealthTech

VulCur MedTech - DTU, KU

VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on chronic wound healing.


Viridian Bio - DTU

Viridian Bio produces high-value plant-derived molecules ia yeast fermentation using renewable, non-petrochemical derived substrates, can be CO2 neutral, and produces molecules that are regarded as ‘natural’.

NextGen Logistics

Lynx Sight - DTU

Lynx Sight productises visual inspection solutions, changing this from being an expensive and labor-intensive consultancy-driven industry and lowering the cost, while maintaining profit margins.


Service Innovation

Swap Language - AU

Swap Language is a peer-to-peer platform that offers personalised 1-on-1 language learning from native speakers.

 Product & Devices

Inniti IVS - AAU, DTU

Our solution is an IoT-based, distributed, modular system that allows you to customize your flow control system, and collect your measurements on the cloud.

Previous Idea Competition Winners

Overall Winner and HealthTech

Invena Flow Supervisor - DTU

Flow monitoring system for IV infusion therapy.

Products & Design

ATLANT 3D Nanosystems - CBS, DTU

ATLANT 3D Nanosystem brings micro-/nanofabrication from cleanroom to desktop 3D cleaning.


CheeseItYourself - DTU

CheeseItYourself offers an ingredient mix to revaluate aquafaba by turning it into a delicious do-it-youself plant-based cheese.

NextGen Logistics

BringBike - CBS, DTU

BringBike is a convenient solution to bring your bike with you on the bus, whenever and wherever you go.

Service Innovation

Auralis - SDU

We are developing a solution that uses modern technology to improve spatial orientation for the visually impaired.

2009 and older Winners

Winners of Venture Cup 2008-2009

1. Multiaerobics is an interactive platform developed for specialists in physical therapy. The software allows the specialists to treat their patients from afar using special sensors combined with physical activity.

2. Wölwa Group has developed software for project management costs estimates. The SaaS incorporates historical data to provide accurate estimates early in the project’s life cycle.

3. Immeasure has developed a technology capable of measuring multiple protein concentrations. The technology reduces the diagnosis process from hours to minutes lowering costs significantly and potentially saving lives.

Previous winners of University Startup World Cup

OVERALL WINNER and Products & Design

Laava Tech

Laava Tech develops artificial lighting systems for greenhouse operators to decrease energy consumption and increase yield. We have developed a combination of hardware and software, which gives each and every plant the perfect growing conditions.

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia



Sunthetics provides an alternative path to manufacture a chemical intermediate for nylon that is emission-free, more efficient, and cost-effective. There are current shortages in nylon intermediates due to increasing demand, complex reactions, and production interruptions. In consequence, there is an opportunity to significantly improve the chemical manufacturing industry with better, more sustainable and modern technology.

New York University, United States of America



imagiCase is working to inspire the next generation of female technologists and increase the proportion of women studying and working in the STEM fields. imagiCase is a phone case with embedded LED lights that can be programmed to display any text, design or color through programming with the imagiCase mobile platform. The platform also provides tutorials of coding concepts guiding the user through the journey of learning to code in a gamified way.

Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden


VulCur MedTech

VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on wound healing, using a novel combination of existing technologies. Our method of treatment uses laser technology to kill bacteria within wounds, which is a treatment breakthrough.

University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Choose Your Future

Choose Your Future is helping people (such as refugees, students and employees) find the best place to live and integrate them to their new home cities. Our award-winning digital tools enhance different stages of integration processes resulting in a better well-being and reducing costs of various organizations such as universities, cities and companies who are responsible for these new citizens.

University of Turku, Finland




Tekuma has built a one-handed six-degrees-of-freedom tactile controller that is intuitive, universal and robust. It reduces the time, cost and personnel required to get the job done. We’ve tested it with over 600 users with drones but our controller also works with robots, submarines, rovers and other devices. We want to improve the way humans interact with technology.

University of Technology Sydney & Macquarie University, Australia

Previous startups of Nordic HealthTech Talents


VasDeBlock is a new and innovative male contraception method for men/couples ages 35+ looking for a non-hormonal and minimal- invasive long-acting solution. The solution is effective and safe, easy to apply as it does not require surgery, it’s more practical than condoms and is applicable to the modern way of life. It’s also reversible


Polaris Proteins

Polaris Proteins has developed a novel expression system, based on a cold-adapted bacterium, that offers simplified production of difficult-to-express proteins, including increased solubility and more active enzymes.


VenomAid Diagnostics

VenomAid™ is a simple, affordable, and portable testing device for rapid diagnosis of snakebite victims. It provides a reliable diagnostic result within minutes of loading blood directly from the site of the bite onto the device, thereby allowing clinicians to quickly move from diagnosis to treatment. 


VulCur MedTech

VulCur MedTech is a medical device development company focusing on wound healing,  using a novel combination of existing technologies. The solution treats biofilm producing bacteria that it is believed to infect all chronic wounds and show great resistance to antibiotics, slowing down the healing process. The VMT- (VulcurMedTech) method of treatment uses tightly focused laser pulses whose focal-point form a 3D grid-like matrix inside the tissues, thermally ablating the bacteria, without damaging the human cells, aiding the natural healing processes.



Provement is a digital evaluation and communication tool that helps clinicians individualize childhood obesity treatment and make it more effective while reducing the health care professionals’ workload and the families’ perceived effort.


SureCapture Technologies

Polaris Proteins has developed a novel expression system, based on a cold-adapted bacterium, that offers simplified production of difficult-to-express proteins, including increased solubility and more active enzymes.


Arionida Pro

ArionidaPro AS is planning to extract the slug slime as a raw material for possible applications as medicinal patches, moisturizing and anti-aging creams, natural lubricants and adhesive and also as a green source of complex proteins.



The Lugnoru solution visualizes the stressors in one’s own calendar, gives weekly reports and suggests adding relaxation moments in one’s days using a bot. This kind of gentle intervention prevents stress to become chronic.



TresActio wants to make biotechnology research faster and more efficient by digitizing the early stages of the screening pipeline. The TresActio Fermenter is quick and easy to use, scaling to customer needs and it is compatible with the current infrastructure. Moreover, it monitors pH,pO2 and glucose, controls pH and glucose and enables easy sampling. In addition, it adds automatic data collection, which can be analyzed with TresActio’s software and thus create unique learning opportunities 


Selective Humans

Selective Humans provides a solution that enables users of the service to scan the barcode of pre-packed food and food supplements to identify and select or avoid selected ingredients in a fast and simple manner.


Insight Academia

Insight Academia aims at becoming a social network for scientists able to aggregate all the different players of the scientific panorama (universities, publishers, scientists) and all the scientific knowledge in a unique platform. Someone might argue that something similar already exists (e.g., ResearchGate) but, as second movers, we aim at solving some of the limitations of the current scientific social networks and introduce new disruptive innovations



VC winners
USWC winners
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